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Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Jewelries For A Good Cause

I hope you guys are not tired yet with my jewelries. I know I've made so much of them already, but I wanna finish as much as I can so I can sell some of them and donate the proceeds to the needy kids back home. There's these 3 siblings in the neighborhood I grew up wherein their father has been diagnosed with severe diabetes. He used to work in the construction and his family was doing pretty good until his sickness. While I was there, I found out that his big toe was infected and had to be cut. It has been months since and it's not healing, and the infection is getting up to his leg. I was told by my parent and siblings recently that his leg might be cut too. It just break my heart hearing this... They don't have anybody to turn to as their relatives can barely support their daily needs as well.
For me, the worst part in the situation is that the children has to suffer too. The eldest among the 3 siblings is in junior HS and is currently living at her maternal grandparents (which can barely survive too). The second is in 5th grade and almost didn't able to enroll last year... there's a big possibilty she won't be able to this year unless somebody will help them out. The youngest who's 6 years old while I was there last year, haven't been to school.:( Despite the fact that the girl really wanna go. The enrollment won't be 'til June so I'm planning to set-up a jewelry store for my beadworks to help these siblings. I asked my sister to take a picture of the siblings next time the eldest is there so you can see them. I'm leaning towards having a silent auction for my pieces but nothing is finalize yet.
Anyway, here's a necklace with beaded beads and spiral peyote as focal point. Made of glass pearls, seed and E beads with toggle and clasp closure.
I enjoy putting this bracelet together and the dangling earrings with lever back are fun to make. Again, the bracelet has spiral peyote strip as focal point. Made of pink jade gemstone, magnetic hematite, silver findings, seed and E beads.
I think I'll gonna keep this bracelet as I don't have any pink in my personal collection. Made of pink jade, glass and seed beads. It's a little over 8" and fits like a cuff on my wrist.
These 2 bracelets has matching earrings and they're for my 7 and 2 yo nieces back home. I used spiral weave on the left and St. Petersburg stitch on the right. Made of seed beads with loop and pearl closures.
DH wasn't impress with this necklace but I love it. It can be worn as single or double strands... both ends of the inner link has lobster clasp therefore it's detacheable. Made of Mother-of-pearl, seed beads and freshwater pearls.
And lastly, here's another set of earrings I also made for my friend's daughter. Made of glass pearls and crystal spacers with lever back earrings.

Thanks for dropping by everybody!

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