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Friday, March 5, 2010

Cellini Necklace In Progress

I find my mathematical ability is put into good used whenever I'm doing a bead stitching project. Same goes whenever I finish a 3D stitched piece! For me, beadweaving is as calming as counted thread embroidery.
Here's what I pictured this piece in my mind, but during the execution, I didn't find it appealing. The proportion is too off! I had to dismantle it to say the least.
The 2 segments are a wee bit over 7" so I thought of using each segment as focal point of a necklace and bracelet to make a set. But that didn't worked out for me too so I had to consider other options again.
I'm considering this but again, I think the pendant is too small. I'm also on a look out of big stone pendant that will match the colors of the E beads.
And my last option is to make a flower pendant out of these 1" size stones. I'm tied up at the moment therefore the project will have to wait for a while... or maybe a long while!
Thanks for dropping by all! Don't forget to leave a feedback should you have any suggestion for this piece. I would really appreciate it!


Janet C said...

This necklace is lovely. How did u do the spiral segment? Is there a tutorial?

LODY said...

This spiral peyote has been one of my fave bead stitching technique Janet... so whenever I wanna make a piece with it, I just dig into my beads and stitch away - w/o a pattern.

I'm sure there's a lot of tutorials by googling cellini or spiral peyote.:)