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Monday, February 15, 2010

Still Talking About Beading

As my bead stash increased tremendously, I knew I had to do some re-organization to make my life a lot easier, or should I say to save time when I need to look for a specific bead item. But first, I wanna show some of my recent purchases... freshwater pearls and crystals. These are just about 1/3 of what I got.
Bless DH heart for getting me containers. LOL I think I now have about 20 of these and I love them! They really come handy and serve their purpose very well. I just need to label them and am done. I use them for my focal beads, pearls, cabs and findings.
As for the seed beads (11's, 8's, 6's), I relied on sterilite clear boxes for storage. Whenever I open a new package, I simply transfer them on a 3"x4" ziplock and circular tin boxes (see last photo).
And of course, I need to prepare a to-go stash whenever the IA weather is unfriendly or whenever me and DH has to stay at the hotel where he works. It's pretty common during wintertime that we have no choice but to stay there ya know.:) Here are some of the mini boxes I used for those times. But of course, I also have a cross-stitch to-go!
Lastly, here's a glimpse of my work-in-progress bead stitching. I prefer to use a frame (with velvet or felt) as my tray and dump my beads there instead of working on top of the table. This way, I can put the frame on my lap, yet work easily.
I hope everybody's having a great day!

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