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Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Finishes And Family Talk

We had to celebrate SIL's birthday more than a week early, last Saturday, as she'll be off to the Twin Cities either tomorrow or Tuesday. Our dear niece, Katie, will have a surgery on the 10th so pelase send some thoughts and prayers for her.
Ont he stitching note, when I saw La-D-Da's ornament on 2009 JCS Ornament issue, I knew I gotta stitch it. I stitch it not only once, but twice already... and I'm working on 3rd. Since I used 28 count linen instead of the recommended higher count, I finished mine as door hangers. But I'm sure they would look great as well on a big christmas tree. Also, I didn't use the recommended thread colors.
Another design from this year's JCS Ornament issue is this Celtic Wreath by The Sunflower Seed. I just need some quick to stitch and finish project so I'll feel I accomplish something.
I really needed those quicky projects so I also stitched this Prairie Schooler's Winter which I had to modify a bit to fit on the box lid. This is DH's favorite (and mine too) amongst my recent finishes. I'm working on a second piece as well! LOL
And lastly, the JBW Christmas Tree I is a must-stitch for me too... working on the companion piece (the second tree). I decided to use the linen I bought from Philippines so I used brighter shade of green so the color will stand out. The other ornie is from Homespun Elegance and the pattern can be found at a JCS Ornament issue as well (forgot what year though... will share later), which I finished as a pocket ornament. Those stuffs sticking out on top are DMC threads.

Well, my dear friends, the above are some of my accomplishments in the last couple of weeks. I stitched and finished those in-between or while working on some teaching pieces! I have more "smalls" made while back home and will share photos of them soon so watch out... I love how they turned out.

Have a great stitching Monday all!


Lillie said...

All Christmas Ornaments look great.

Margaret wong said...

What lovely ornaments and great finishes! I will pray for Katie to have a safe surgery and speedy recovery! Hugs to her.