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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Package From Laura

FIT Group organized a christmas exchange last September which I partake and Laura is my partner. She sent me a fabulous package that made my heart sing with joy.

We were out when the package arrived, so when I saw this box, I knew right away it has christmas goodies.

Ta-da!!!... this appears when I opened the box. Can you tell that Laura is such a crafty person? She used a pretty (christmas) fabric as giftwrapper then the ornie as gift-tag. Great job Laura!

I'm so proud to be the owner of this lovely ornament. It was beautifully stitched and neatly finish. Thanks Laura!

The revelation of more goodies... A pair of oh-so-pretty pillowcases which I'm pretty sure sewn by Laura. I love the muted colors Laura. Thanks heaps!

A couple of christmas theme charts: Prairie Schooler's 2009 Santa - I have to start collecting the series as I have few of them... and JBW Designs' Christmas Tree Collection I - now already in progress. I had to stithc one of the tree that night... now already finished!

A couple of cute drawsting baggies...

... that contains yummy goodies such as beading needles and beads beads at the red pouch while the other pouch contains cute button, Mill Hill beads and WDW threads for JBW pattern above. Thank you so much again Laura!

Now comes my favorite in the package (I'm allowed to have a fave, right?)... A pair of scissors and "What a hoot?" by The Cat's Whiskers in which Laura did a wonderful job. I can't wait to take this piece with me on my next stitching gt-away.

Thank you so much for this great package that you put together very well Laura! I love everything and I can't wait to use all these goodies soon. I'll surely think of you whenever I use the pillowcases... when the ornie hangs on my tree... and whenever I'll use the cute scissors. It will surely stay at its owl place.

Have a great stitching day everybody!

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Lillie said...

What a goodie pack ! Enjoy!