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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meet-up With Cheryl

Me and Cheryl, a fellow Iowan from Le Claire, has been planning this meet-up since early last month. Finally, it materialize on Thursday, despite the fact that she has to drive more than 2 hours just to meet me. Thanks so much for that Cheryl. Your coming over is highly appreciated!

We spent some time at Walmart, on the craft section of course, and Cheryl ended up buying some lovely fabrics and finishing supplies. Afterwards, we had lunch at Applebee's then headed to the mall to talk about our stitching. I wish I brought WIP's with me as she got lots of them.:0 I enjoyed looking and drooling over her pieces, can't wait to see them all completed.

Also, Cheryl is my (recipient) partner on the Color Exchange at FIT Group. So the meet-up was perfect to hand-over her gifts.:) I made her a pagoda pincushion using green threads, an altoid tin top, and organize a lil' bit of stash. Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos so I have to wait till she upload pics in the group. I will then grab a photo or 2 to put in here.
Cheryl surprised me with an adorable needleroll, a nice fabric and an organizer. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity Cheryl! I love everything to pieces. The needleroll was stitched and finished neatly, and is now the 2nd piece in my needleroll collection. I have to make more of these little things in the near future. The fabric is just perfect for the CQ sewing set I've been planning to make for a long time. LOL Now I really need to find time to start doing it. The organizer will surely put into good use, it's perfect to keep track on my exchanges and other stitching commitments.

Needleroll and Stash from Cheryl

I can't wait for the next or other meet-up.:) I really enjoyed it temendously! And once again, thanks so muchf for the lovely goodies.

Happy stitching everybody!