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Sunday, August 2, 2009

MIL's Chickenhouse And What Nots

Me and DH spent some time at MIL's on Friday (July 31st) as her new chickenhouse is being built. The concrete for the flooring was delivered in the morning, and the men in the family has to be there to help. It has been a while since I saw concrete mix up close and personal. LOL It used to be a regular thingto see in my professiion back home. Not to mention the mixer are way way way bigger due to construction requirement on our projects. Anyway, MIL already raised chickens the other year, but when her new building was built early this year, the old chickenhouse had to go. I should have brought my camera to take pix of the pouring process ha! Oh wel...
On the stitching note, below is my current article at TGOSM. A needle etui and fob set. I stitched the set on Stitches & Spice fabric and hand-dyed threads. it is of course, another quick to stitch and finish project so I hope I'll see your completed pieces soon. Please don't forget to email me photos should you decide to stitch and finisht he set. I would really appreciate it.
A Stitcher Cannot Fail Sewing Set
Materials Supplier: Stitches and Spice
And here's one of my recent creation. Second in the series of the Treasure boxes. It was stitched on Irish Linen from Charles Craft using silk threads from Dinky Dyes, Sampler threads from Stitches and Spice, metallic thread from kreinik, and perle cotton from DMC. I will prepare thread recommendations from above mentioned suppliers so you can just get your supplies from one of them.
Her Highness Treasure Box
Stitched on Irish Linen
using silk, metallic, perle, and cotton threads
Stitches used: cross, kloster blocks, eye,
rhodes butterfly, thorn, spider web rose, and chain

Me and DH went to Des Moines yesterday (August 1st) morning as it's the submission date for Fabrics and Threads entries. I can't believe it's fair time again, and very excited to see all the entries. I didn't realize that I'll gonna recieve free entrance tickets and parking tickets so Imagine my surprise when they were given to me. Thanks so much Dorothy!
I will start to pack the materials for my classes tomorrow. The fabrics are already cut, but the fillings, stiffeners, needles and threads are still unsorted. Gotta spend at least 2 days to finalize all.
Happy weekend all!

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Lillie said...

Another lovely design and beautifully finish as always.