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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pagoda Craze Contest, Win One Year Subscription

August 2nd midnight update:
ANNOUNCEMENT: The winner for the pagoda craze contest is Handy (Malou) of California. I picked another name for a winner of embroidery (stork) scissors, and the winner if Janet of Malaysia. Congrats ladies... and thanks so much to other participants.:)

July 27th Update: The pagoda today came from Jeanie of Singapore. I love it to pieces. Look at the beads Jeanie added on the corners of each roof. Brenda put beads on hers too. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely work Jeanie.

July 25th Update: Lisa from Florida, USA finally have a go and finished her pagoda. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely piece Lisa!
July 21th Update: Highlanders from USA also stitched the pagoda.
July 13th Update: Judi from Perth, Western Australia joined the Pagoda craze. Check out her finished pincushion below. Thank you so much for the photos Judi.
July 11th Update: My initial plan was to give away some stash but I decided to just give one year subscription of The Gift Of Stitching magazine instead. This way, the prize will be recieved by the winner asap. So come on, send me a photo of your finished pagoda or simply leave a comment to be included in the draw.
Though I already posted these photos at my TCN blog, I thought it's worth to re-post them here. Wanna know what make my days lately? Stitchers all over the globe emailing me photos of their pagoda pincushions - one of my original finishing technique. Thank you so much ladies.

July 2nd: Stitched by Anne Marie of France

July 3rd: Stitched by Chizue of Japan

July 5th: Stitched by Brenda of London, England

July 9th: Stitched by Marie-Christine of France

July 9th: Stitched by Linda of USA

July 13th: Stitched by Judi of Perth, Western Australia

July 21st: Stitched by Highlanders of USA

July 25th: Stitched by Lisa of Florida, USA

July 27th: Stitched by Jeanie of Singapore

Aren't they simply pretty-licious pincushions? I would love to see more of your works so please keep the photos coming.



Due Date: July 31st

Draw Date: August 1st


1. Stitchers who completed any of my pagoda pincushion and emailed me a photo will have 2 chances of winning. You don't have to leave a comment, just email me your completed pagoda and you're in.

2. For others who wants to join the fun but didn't stitch the pagoda, just leave a comment and tell your friends about the contest.

This post will be updated as I recieve more photos.

Happy stitching everybody!



Anne-Marie (2), Chizue (2), Brenda (2), Lillie (1), Marie-Christine (2), Linda (2), Paul (1), Janet (1), Astrid (1), Rhea (1), Judi (2), Charlene (1), Emily (1), Handy (1), Highlanders (2), Lisa (2), Jeanie (2)

* originally posted on 07/06/09


Lillie said...

Fabulous piece of work and I am so looking forward to see what other coordinating colors stitchers come up with.

And yes, I want to win ;) LOL

Paul Lionel said...

I want to join too!! But I've never made the pagoda!!

Janet C said...

Hi Lody,
Pls enter me into the draw.

LODY said...

Thanks for your comments ladies and Paul... Your names are now in the draw.:)

LODY said...

Thanks for your comments ladies and Paul... Your names are now in the draw.:)

Astrid said...

The pagoda is so lovely!
Please enter me too. :)
BTW - I've blogged about your giveaway.

Rhea said...

Beautiful work. I hope to learn how to make one, one day. Please enter me in your drawing.

Thank you!

Emily said...

Oh My! These are LOVELY! Me me me too wanna be in the draw! I dont hv to stitch anything right....??

Charlene said...

Your wonderful designs at TGOS has brought you and your blog to my attention. Thank you! Have a look over at my blog to see your 'award'. http://needleinhand@blogspot.com

Handy said...

I love your pagoda pincushion! it's very unique.
Please include my name in the draw. Thanks.