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Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 EGA Heartland Region Seminar - Part 2: The Merchandise Night

One of the main reason of attending the seminar is so I could participate on the Merchandise Night. Though the "selling time" is 6PM to 9PM, sellers were allowed to take their stuffs in hours before 6PM. After arranging my stuffs on the table, I did a quick browse on other sellers tables. I was on Table 14, in-between Bloom Woodworks and MN Guild & Marge. I enjoyed a quick chat with Tanja, one of the fabulous designers I highly respect. I love her goldworks but I know I can't do them on my own. I had been a frequent visitor of her website and admire her works so much. Her class was one of my first choices to enroll, unfortunately, I can only attend the Thursday event. Anyway, I had to drool over Tanja and Deanna Powell's works. Such amazing needle artists.
My table at the Merchandise Night
The Merchandise Night was such a fun event for me. Though it's my first time, I felt like I've been doing it for so long. I "almost" talked non-stop when the stitchers started to browse the tables. But of course I love talking about anything, specially needlework finishings. It was overwhelming to hear from fellow stitchers how interested they are on my hand finishings. The pattern and instructions for my crooked box made its mark and was sold out right away. I really made a good decision for submitting one of them in the exhibit. Moreso, I brought most of my smalls models and put them on top of their respective patterns. I guess that really help the stitchers to decide whether they'll gonna buy the pattern or not. I even heard some of them said they gotta buy the pattern just because they love the colors. LOL Isn't that amazing? I guess we stitchers really have different priorities and considerations in buying a pattern. But most of the questions I recieved was "How did you do this?" and "Will I able to do it?". So once in a while, I showed a demo using paper blocks. LOL It's like a music in my ear when a stitcher ask me such questions.
When I saw these strawberry pincushions at Max stuffs, I knew I have to get them. LOL They're such a cutie, aren't they?
Strawberry Pincushions
Max and his magnificent works
I was extremely excited when I heard that Bloom Woodworks will be there... In fact, I anticipated that Jodi, Max daughter, will be there too as we've been emailing for months now and haven't met in person. But then I managed to finally meet her wonderul parents and had a wonderful time chatting with her mom... before and after the "selling time". She's such a charming lady and we chat whenever we get the chance.:)
On the positive note, I sold a bunch of Mother of Pearl Thread Holders (I think almost 100 packs), patterns, embellishments, charms, fat quarters, skirtex, crushed walnut shells, etc. I can see myself attending another Merchandise Night in the future... but only time will tell when will it be.
To everybody who made this event possible, thank you to all of you. Part of me stayed when we had to go home yesterday.
And to everybody who bought anything from me, specially patterns, thank you so much from the b ottom of my heart. You made my selling experience an overwhelming one. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you encounter any problems or errors on my finishing instructions. I am here to help... send me an email or mail and I would loveto answer your queries. I will set-up a Yahoo Group exclusive for my designs so we can discuss all the problems you encounter on my hand-finishing techniques.
Happy stitching everybody!


Margaret wong said...

Congrats, Lody for a successful Merchandise Night! I knew your patterns will be well received. And thanks for the detailed reporting of the event, I enjoyed reading it and wish I was there too :)

Paul Lionel said...

Congratulations Lody! And it all sounds like a great event! I wish I could go!

Lillie said...

Congratulations Lody for a successful nite. Great to hear you are enjoying every bit of its moments.

anne marie said...

I came back from my journey in the east of France.
I gave, at a friend, courses of Swiss embroidery.
31 persons came on two days. It was very pleasant.
Now, I try to empty my basket of embroidery and to end my UFOs!!
Have a nice day.