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Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 EGA Heartland Region Seminar Report - Part 1

First of all, I want to applaud everybody who made this event a success. Congrats to all of you! I Attending this event is such an overwhelming experience for me. As a first timer attendee, I didn't know what to expect... I was even a little nervous on my way to the registration coz I don't personally know anybody there aside from Sally, who I correspond with via email regularly.

We (me and DH) headed our way to Cedar Rapids on Wednesday afternoon as DH doesn't wanna leave early in the morning of Thusday. He's not quite familiar with the area and doesn't want me to be late on my class (Thursday), though our "class angel" (which happened to be my seatmate) was advised that I'll be a little late. We stayed at a hotel close to Marriott where the event is, so I could just walk over. I guess it was the extreme excitement that woke me up around 4 AM. The registration is 7AM to 8AM, and I was already there around 7:15. That's when I started putting faces on fellow CVCEGA members. Shiela and Linda were at the registration desk, and Shiela advised me right away that she's the one who recieved my ornament last December. As hours passed by, I felt like completing a puzzle by putting faces on the names I know through our chapter's newsletter. LOL

Anyway, I was the first one to arrived in the class and managed to take some photos of the classroom. Moreso, since I brought beading materials, I thought I'll do some encrusting while waiting. But as other students started to get in, they kept asking me if that's part of the class... so I decided to put away my beadworks before they get confused. LOL Marge, Phyllis, and other fellow CVCEGA members are on the same class... another puzzle solved, face-wise.
The Iowa City Room which is also called Room 202
That's my stuffs on the left
The ironing area which wasn't used
I don't have a lamp so I chose a well-lighted area. Lynn was such a fabulous teacher... so sweet... and very helpful. There was no boring moment, and she got a lot of stories to share. The instructions were very clear and I can see myself using the stitches I learned on my future designs, specially the raised chain stitch. In fact, I already have an idea on what my next design would be... LOL Rachel, you are so right that Lynn is a wonderful teacher. Seahorse is a not that big and is really doable... As I told Lynn, I won't frame my piece but I'm thinking of finishing it as a purse or as a pillow. It is such a charming project and I can't wait to get it done.
My stitching accomplishment during the class...
... which I hope to look like this when I get it done
After the class, I rushed at the bookstore and exhibit room. I managed to browse everything and admire every piece on display. It's a heavenly place full of wonderful needlearts.
As I already mentioned before, I submitted 3 pieces for the exhibit (maximum submission is 3):
1. Simply Gold Jewellery Set - using encrusting embroidery & peyote stitches
2. Ort or Crooked Box - won blue ribbon at 2008 State Fair
3. My Favorite Things - my design published at Embroidery & Cross Stitch Magazine (an Australian publication)
My pieces at the Exhibit Room

While I was browsing the books, there's this wonderul lady who asked me if I'll gonna sell a pattern for my "Ort Box". She said that she's very much interested with that piece and like the finishing idea so much. Unfortunately, that piece is full of specialty stitches and I'm still working on the pattern, but I offered her my other design with similar finishing. I guess my ort box caught attention of many stitchers in the exhibit room coz during the Merchandise Night, the design with similar finishing was sold out.

Again, I enjoyed the seminar and can see myself attending more in the future. I hope next time I'll be able to enroll on one of Tanja Berlin's classes. I'm like an avid fan of a famous matinee idol. Tanja, of course, is the idol. LOL

My next post will be about the Merchandise Night. Happy stitching everybody!

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Rachel said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time at Seminar and you enjoyed your class with Lynn - I knew you would! I really need to finish my class piece from her someday - it was lovely!