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Monday, March 16, 2009

Food Food Food

Can you tell I'm busy cooking? DH might say no though... he'll definitely say I'm busy crafting! LOL We had another family gathering on March 15 at SIL's house. There was a lot of food as each of us brought something. I baked cherry-topped cheesecake, turtle brownies, and maple syrup glazed baby carrots. I can't remember who brought what but everything was surely delicious. Aside from above mentioned, we also had turkey, ham, deviled eggs, broccoli casserole, sweet corn casserole, three beans salad, rolls, chili beans, mashed potato, and gravy, apple crisp, orange-pineapple dessert, home-made ice cream (by MIL), etc... so much food I can hardly recall what else we had. LOL Everybody went home with bags of left-over food.

Since February (up to present), I eat sauteed baby spinach and salmon at least once a week. It's sooooooo yummy, specially with fried rice! We've been stocking up bags and bags of spinach just so I can have some whenever I want to. DH doesn't like spinach & salmon much but he's doing good on his diet. We try to have a guilt-free eating on his day-offs, and I usually prepare heeavy meals on those days... i.e. green bean casserole, cheesy potato casserole, pork chops, etc.

Food Food Food

I finally had the chance to steam my Siopao a couple weeks back. I'm sure I'll get more soon...


Happy eating all!

backdated post: 2009-0322

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