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Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Keeps Me Busy Now-a-days

So sorry for being invisible for a long time now. My hands are terribly busy here, and I could only wish I have 4 hands. I couldn't even lurk at the yahoo groups I'm into due to delayed workload, or should I say "stitching and finishing load". The works that I should have finished last month didn't materialize as I got sick in the early weeks. Then before the month ends, DH had flu and couch too. Just as I started to regain my stitching mood, I had a "stye" (or zit as DH told me) on the black part of my left eye. Though it's just an itty-bitty dot, it was so itchy yet can't do anything about it... plus I avoided reading and stitching again. Thank goodness the eyedroper cured it without going to a doctor.
Starting last month, I bought more fabrics, mostly "end of the bolts" and cut as much as I can into fat quarters. I think I already have almost 200 fats cut, about 98% of the fabrics I cut are 100% cotton. I don't know when will I be able to update Lody's Creations website but I'll increase my inventory soon. But for sure, I'll gonna list lining fabrics in fats ($1 each), Mother of Pearl thread holders (I got various colors, shapes and colors), charms, stitching helpers, finishing helpers, and other embellishing supplies. I already packed hundreds and hundreds of these stuffs, and still waiting on more packages from wholesale suppliers. I decided not to have elegant packing so the retail cost would be lower. I just buy in bulk then do all the packing myself.
On the stitching note, I managed to finish a couple of sewing sets but since I can't share a photo of them yet (magazine/publisher's policy), let me share with you my recent beadwork projects. The gold set consists of a necklace with encrusted pendant, bracelet, earrings and a thumb ring. Each piece has an off-loom weaving works. The set is made of seed beads, metal spacers, cultured freshwater potato pearls, glass pearls, and charm (on pendant). I'm trying my best to perfect my weaving techniques (both loom and off-loom) so I can submit some entries at the Fair.:) I will definitely submit the "Pearly Shell" and will make a matching earrings for it. I'm currently working on the "Circles of Life" whcih also be submitted at the Fair. Its component includes "beads on beads", a technique that I learned last month which is quite addicting too.
Simply Gold Jewelry Set
Beadworks by Lody
Below is just a very simple design which consist of a necklace and earrings only. Off-loom weaving is also involved on this project. The focal point of the necklace is the clasp which is a leaf and cluster of grapes in antique silver-tone. Amethyst seed beads, irish bronze freshwater pearls, antique silver metal tube spacers, and AB crystals are the main ingredients of the set. I finished it off with a "Made with love" charm, attached on the clasp. I thought of adding an encrusted pendant on it but I don't wanna lose its simplicity so I ended up leaving it as is. I will definitely increase my inventory of completed jewelry sets and hope to publish off-loom weaving designs. I don't have a beading design software yet but one of my cross-stitch software works very well on a couple of beading stitches , i.e. peyote and brick.
Plain But Pretty
Beadworks by Lody
Since my last posting (Feb. 22), I managed to do two trips at the library and got myself more batches of wodnerful books. Those books kept me busy in days, that I didn't able to spend much time with my magazine subs. I'm a little bit disappointed with SANQ's recent issue but quite happy with the JCS. I also renewed my Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting subscription when I renewed MIL's last month. The first issue comes with a couple of free leaflets, consists of small projects. Though I don't quilt, I do enjoy browsing each page and looking at the projects.
And lastly, Sandy's article about me finally made it to "March 2009 Inside EGA". The article is published under Chapter News. Congrats and thanks so much for th article Sandy (Publicity Chair of CVCEGA). "Inside EGA" can be found at EGA website and is exclusive to members only.
Various Needlework Magazines
I stopped my Piecework Magazine subscription and now am wondering what are the articles I missed. If you're a subscriber of this mag, I would love to know if there are articles about counted thread and surface embroidery in recent issues. Please leave a comment or send me an email. Thanks!
I finally able to set-up my other sewing machine downstairs yesterday and now ready to use. Hopefully, I can sew some small projects that had been long over-due.
There'll be a craftshow in town on first weekend of April and I'm patiently waiting for it.:) Moreso, I just found out that our County Fair is held on month of July, a couple weeks before the State Fair. And speaking of State Fair, DH suprised me one morning... "Guess what who'll gonna be at the State Fair, Honey?" I was actually thinking it could be Charice.. LOL Never did I imagine that it's JOURNEY. I had to tell DH right away that we have to go to that concert, though it's still months away. He already promised he'll take a night off just so we can be at the concert.:) Yay! I'm so excited, I desperately wanted to see JOURNEY! I even told DH before that if they'll gonna have a concert tour in the Philippines (current Journey lead vocals is Arnel Pineda, a Filipino from Sampaloc, Manila), I will schedule my vacation on the days they are there so I can watch their concert. LOL
To fellow Iowans who loves JOURNEY, please take note that they will be here in IA on August 23, 2009 (Sunday night) at the Fairgrounds. Ticket cost is $45, and wil be available on April 11 onwards, or until seats are avaibale. Their special guest will be HEART... It will be a fantastic concert, that's for sure! Kelly Clarkson will be at the Fair on August 22, 2009 (Saturday), ticket cost is $38. Check out the IA State Fair website for further details.
Now that SPRING has come, I can't wait for warmer days so I can spend some time in the garden. But before that, we need another trip in Ames, at our favorite garden house, Holubs, where we get most of our veggies plants. Not to mention I need to buy some Asian seeds (Chinese okra, string beans and bok choy) at the Oriental store there.
Oh well, I better sign off now! I just wanna let you know guys what keeps me busy. Have a great stitching Sunday!


Emily said...

OMG, your jewellery sets are STUNNING! I am always having an eye feast when I visit!

Lillie said...

Impressive beadwork, Lody. You've been busy, if only I lived nearby. I'll loan you the hands you needed.
Those DFEA are wonderful gift indeed and the purse is so pretty.