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Friday, January 30, 2009

A Knitting Lesson, A Girls Day-Out, And A Tag

A KNITTING LESSON with Mom finally took place yesterday morning as weather has been coorperating this last few days. Once DH got home from work in the morning, we headed straight at Mom's house. After a quick hello and short chat, DH went home to sleep. We knit for about 30-45 minutes... Thanks a bunch for MIL's patience!
After the knitting lesson was MIL's de-stashing. I checked out her fabrics at the basement and pick as much as I can. I only focus on the small cuts though despite the fact that MIL tells me to get everything I want, or everything I'll need. All are 100% cotton aside from 4 satins and 1 printed linen.
Fabrics from MIL
A GIRLS DAY-OUT: Around 9:45AM, we're already done with our thing so MIL called-up her sister to ask if she wanna have a lunch out with us. They had their hair done after lunch then our final destination was the grocery store. Needless to say, we all had a great time. I think I got home past 2PM.
A TAG: I have been tagged by Kathy http://dragonxser.wordpress.com/. The idea here is to go to your 6th picture file and choose the 6th picture, and then tag 6 blogging friends. I have thousands and thousands of photos in my computer, seggregated by year, month, etc. Here's what I did though, I opened my main photo folder, then clicked on the first sub-folder which happens to be 2007. Prior to mid-2007, I categorized my sub-folders via name or occasion, now it's by year, then sub-sub-folders via months, etc. Anyway, here's what I found:
2007 Harvest
Japanese Eggplants, Daredevil Peppers, and Cucumbers
I remember that above veggies are my first harvest on 2007. You do know that me and DH do gardening every year, right?:) Since I came here, 2007 was our luckiest year on cucumber coz we harvested so much, that we decided to plant few only last year. Up to now, we still have a bunch of canned DILL and SWEET PICKLES.
And finally, to tag 6 friends:
Emily - http://emilys-stitch-in-waiting.blogspot.com/
Wendy - http://www.biblo1.blogspot.com/
Paul - http://theheartofpaul.blogspot.com/
Lillie - http://sonillie.blogspot.com/
Nik - http://nikainunza.blogspot.com/
Tini - http://www.snazzynsuch.com/

On the flip-side, I had been busy this last few days researching and gathering info about a new craft I wanna try my hands on, something with INGEO FIBER. I can not guarantee I'll be good at it but I really would love to give it a GO. I know DH would roll his eyes on me about this coz it means I will need NEW STASH! LOL

Have a great stitching weekend everybody!


Emily said...

Done the tag!

Lillie said...

Thanks Lody, this sounds fun,give me a lil'time, I'll get to it..LOL

Btw, the vegies looks delicious ;)

Biblo said...

Ops... I didn't know I got tag. LOL!!!