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Monday, January 26, 2009


... is today! YAY It seems just like yesterday when I opened this blog, from an initial plan to journal my completed pieces to later on including my daily life here in the Heartland, not to mention my family and friends!
Moreso, Happy Year of the OX to my Chinese friends! Happy Chinese New Year to all of you my dears! I wish you all good health, prosperity and lots of stashing!

I got my stitching mood back and my needles couldn't keep up with me. LOL Been busy this last couple of days with my "almost forgotten" small finishing but won't reveal any photos yet. I also managed to transfer contents of my old bookbound IDEA NOTEBOOK to a new notebook (spiral bound), not to mention I added lots of new wonderful. It is very important (at least on my part) to have a craft journal so when an idea pop-in, you can write or draw it instantly... wherever you are! Same thing as I recommend you carry the said notebook and/or a digital camera wherever you go as you'll neve know when you'll gonna get an inspiration. There was one time I visualize a hand-finishing while on a car so imagine my eagerness to write!

DH is doing good on his diet, unfortunately not on my part. He requested blueberry muffin yesterday and we've been eating them till today... I baked 12 pieces and there's about 3 left. I've been thinking of having mung beans (munggo in tagalog) soup since yesterday so that will be my lunch and probably dinner today. The beans has been boiled last night (it takes times to really soften them), and pork (as my "sahug") has been thawed. Now I wish I have daredevil pepper leaves and/or ampalaya leaves but thank goodness our Filipino store in town has frozen jute leaves (dahon ng saluyot), a great substitute. So don't be surprise if I'm not losing weight, YET. LOL I guess I better stop buying Filipino foods, HA! Also, my breakfast for about 3 days last week was goldilocks pandesal and coffee. So yummy!

Bluberry Muffins per DH request

Time to cook now... Have a great day everybody!


Emily said...

Happy 1st Anniversary Lody! Congratulations!

Its has been a great first year for your blog.... all the awesome handwork and the foodie galore too! Keep it up!

dragonxser said...

Congrats on your blogiversary Lody! And you have been tagged! Check out the details on my blog :)

Paul Lionel said...

Congratulations on your 1st year Lody!! It's been a great read; with a lot of beautiful finishes and of course, food!