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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hobby Lobby Escapade With MIL And DH

We're supposed to go to HB in Ames tomorrow but DH decided to do it today as snow will pour down tonight. So once he got home this morning, he immediately called MIL and asked if she could go with us. DH usually include a HB gift card on his christmas gifts for me and MIL. He knows how we love craft stuffs!
Before 9AM, we're already at MIL's driveway... she immediately handed me the latest issues of Home Arts Magazines and a jar of vintage buttons. Yay! Some are perfect for my cabochons. The magazines kept me busy on the car on our way to Ames. Both issues has lots of wonderful and mixed media projects. I love the mag but the reason I don't wanna subscribe coz MIL has the gift subscription since christmas 2007 and she always pass the copies to me. The only downside is that I couldn't join the magazine competitions coz I don't own the member ID. They have monthly competitions and gives 3 major prizes plus 10 consolation. And of course, each competition is craft related... last month was beaded ornaments.

Home Arts Magazines and Vintage Buttons

Before 10AM, we're already infront of Hobby Lobby. DH, of course, spent his time at the movistore next door. Photos below are some of what I got while MIL bought mostly fabrics and similar swatches/appliques as mine. I finally got myself a crimping pliers... LOL I've wanted so long to have one of this but I always ended up buying beads instead.
January 2009 Hobby Lobby Stash

Also, I've always wanted to try these flip-top bead holders so I purchased a box with 24 holders inside. Perfect for my seed and delica beads. I couldn't resist the big calculator, stone styler/applicator, primitive ornie and antique-style journal so I grabbed them as well. While the rest of the items are regulars: fused pearls, trimmings, beads, threads, etc.

DH purchased four movies at Hastings and one of which was what entertained me while stitching this afternoon, STEP BROTHERS by Will Ferrell and John Reilly... it's soooo funny! LOL

Hope everybody's having a great night or day!

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