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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Charice Pempengco... Another Filipino Pride!

I meant to blog about her last weekend but things gone crazy down here. I have to admit though that I could be the last Filipino who never heard about her till seeing her at Oprah on January 2nd, 2009. I haven't been watching the O show for a long while now so me and DH decided to start our New Year with it. We then saw the commercial that this girl will be Oprah's special guest the following day. After seeing a glimpse of her face on TV, I told DH "This girl looks like a Filipina." Same thing I said to DH the first time I saw Arnel Pineda (current lead vocals of Journey) at Sunday CBS Show last year. Her name wasn't mentioned on the commercial therefore I couldn't google her. So I patiently waited the following day and Voila!... she's from Laguna, Philippines (Laguna is in Southern part of Luzon, about 2 hours from Manila). She's only 16 years old and has been travelling all over the world because of her soulful voice. I spent an hour or so googling her on Monday to keep up-to-date... LOL Click this link for her personal website.
Also, her name rang-a-bell when I heard Oprah announced it. It took me hours to realize that it was Barbara from Malaysia or BJ as we usually call her at NNC, who mentioned it to me before.:) Thanks BJ... I meant to google her name then but got destructed and totally forgot to do it. Anyway, me and DH had to finish the show before heading our way to my birthday party. Once we arrived at Aunt R's house, MIL said right away how they're impressed with Charice... they also watched Oprah. Yay!
As mentioned in my previous post, weather last weekend was horrible again but thank goodness this week is a lot better. So me and DH decided to continue shopping yesterday... my gift cards are jumping off my purse! LOL We went at the local library afterwards and I got me 3 needlework books that I don't have: a Dover Needlework Series, a bead book and a Mary Gostelow book. While at the libraby, I couldn't remember if I have the latter book or not... all in all, I enjoyed browsing and reading the 3 books yesterday. Our last destination yesterday was the video store, DH bought 3 DVD's, something we could watch on his next day-offs.
Can you tell why I was hiding in my cocoon again? I was busy stitching and finishing some smalls that I had to set aside blogging for days again. I'm finalizing some details for my JCS project as well.
I hope everybody's having a great warm day. Happy stitching ALL!


Barbara said...

Ah ... you remembered :)

She's one talented girl isn't she? And her voice is super AMAZING!!

LODY said...

Yeah BJ... lol At first I thought you metioned her name at NNC, but then I remembered it was from a comment on my Arnel Pineda post. Her voice is so powerful.:)

I had to held back my tears while watching her share her life story at O show.

Thanks again.:) Muaahhh!