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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me

We had a wonderful gathering on January 2nd at our Aunt's house in Marshalltown for my birthday party. MIL, SIL and Katie were already there when me and DH arrived... then the rest arrived by 5:15PM. Around 5:30PM, we're already enjoying our food. After gifts opening, we (mostly the women), played cards while others decided to watch the "Car Auction" on TV. Needless to say, everybody had fun!
As always, my gifts ranged from kitchen to bathroom stuffs, and the always present gift cards... LOL so I'll just post photos of the craft related items. MIL and Aunt R surprised me with a bunch of vintage (or should I say antique) craft stuffs from their mother's stash. The papers were dated early 1900's. Isn't that neat? I've been telling them before that I love collecting antique needlework related books and magazines, and if they encounter such at estate sales, they could bid for me. Never did I imagine that they still have their mother's stash. MIL also gave me a lot of antique hankies, trims & lace applique (from her mom's stash too), and a table cover which she says was a gift from her mother-in-law (DH paternal grammy). The table cover is a handcrafted piece with drawn-thread and hardanger embroidery. I assume this piece is over 50 years old.
Antique Papers from early 1900's
From Grammy Vivian's Stash

Antique Trimmings, Lace Appliques, Hankies & Table Cloth
From Grammy Vivian's Stash
More 2009 Craft Related Birthday Gifts
Hardanger Magazine, A Nordic Needle Leaflet & A Framed Piecing Paperquilt
BTW, the first gift I open was the box from DH (which I wrapped... LOL) as I was extremely curious in the past few days what's in it. He wouldn't tell me, remember? Anyway, he got me a "wok" from the Filipino Store, plus a lot of seasonings and pinoy noodles. I'll share a photo of the wok some other time.
I've been keeping myself busy finishing some smalls since after Christmas and frankly, I can't remember when was the last time I went out. LOL Around 7:00AM yesterday, DH woke me up (in a funny way... LOL) then told me we could do some shopping early as the weather will start to be awful by noontime. "Shopping", hhmmmnnnn, who wouldn't wanna do that? LOL I finally used the Walmart gift card I recieved from Christmas... mostly on craft stuffs of course, and some christmasy theme items. The first thing I did once we got home was packed some clothings for DH. He left around noontime for work, otherwisehe won't be able to make it by midnight. I told him he better stay at the hotel until Monday morning. All the while I thought he checked in, so imagine my surprise when he went home this morning and saying, after greeting me a happy birthday of course, that he haven't slept in the last 48 hours. Oh well..., what matters most is we're together on my birthday.:)


Emily said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lody!

LODY said...

Thanks so much Emily!
Been busy lately that I had to backdate most, if not all, of my blogposts... LOL