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Saturday, December 6, 2008

TGOSM 2008 Ornament Exchange...

... from Lisa of Florida was recieved today. I'm so proud to be the owner of this piece of art, it's simply stunning. Lisa went extra mile by stitching it one-over-one, something that I (as a prolific stitcher) seldom do. Thank you so much for a lovely ornament Lisa. Rest assure it will be loved and hang on my tree each year.:)
TGOSM 2008 Ornament Exchange
From Lisa of Florida
I also finished 2 personalized altoids this afternoon. The stitching were done days ago but only managed to mount them on altoid tins today.:) Again, I wish I could deliver better pictures but it seems like my camera has a mind of its own.
Personalized Altoid Tins
Padded Lining: Cassidy with red ribbon, Lexie with peach ribbon
Some of DH friends went deer hunting (shotgun) today... so far, I think they only shot one. For sure they'll be back tomorrow. DH and the rest of her buddies will hunt next weekend... Deer hunting is the only outdoor hobby DH does.:) And yeah, of all season, it can be done only during winter. It's something that he and his friends do during first to second weekend of December.
As a regular routine since I got here 4 years ago, while DH is busy hunting, I try to finish wrapping all our Christmas gifts to family... and only then I put up our small tree.:) But for now, I still have a lot of finishing and stitching works to do. Oooopppps, did I say finishing and stitching? lol There's always a lot of it, no matter what!
Have a great weekend everybody!


Janet C said...

The altoids are very pretty.

Lillie said...

Wonderful gift form Lisa indeed.
The tins are beautiful and lovely finishing as always.