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Friday, December 5, 2008

A Sewing Set Finish

I finally able to go at the Post Office today, despite the snow all over... I mailed about 8 models on various cross stitch magazines, and Anne-Marie's prizes.
Today was our grocery day as well, and after getting all the food we need at Walmart, we dropped by at the Filipino store in town, where I got some pancit canton, sardinas, longganisa, etc. Again, I'll be in food heaven in the next few days.. lol not to mention I have mangoes (my favorite fruit) as well. I had to eat one right away once we got home. It seems like I have a sweet tooth lately as I had to bake a chocolate fudge cake the other day, then for supper today, I baked a bunch of bacon-wrapped lil' smokies (they're extra sweet this time). Hubby was disappointed that I didn't get left-over smokies on Thanksgiving so I told him I'll gonna make again once I got all the ingredients... so I did!
The fabrics in the photo below are new stash I bought today... or should I say DH bought today... lol Though I was about to get blue shades, I couldn't resists these flower prints, with antique-y background.
I haven't been showing much of my completed works lately so I wanna brag about this sewing set I finished last night. The set consists of a purse, needlebook, scissors sheath & fob. I wish I could capture the beauty of this set further... I was so glad with the colors I used. Band motifs were inspired by centuries old band samplers.

Band Sampler-style Sewing Set

Lorrie (aka Chef Tiger of Pine Glen Designs), my partner for the TGSOM 2008 Ornament Exchange advised me that she recieved her ornament already. I'm so happy you love it Lorrie... I think she particularly love the flowers.:)

Lorrie's Ornament : 2008 TGOSM Ornament Exchange

My hands are still full and can't spend much time on the internet but will try to visit your blogs whenever I get the free time. You know who you are...:)

Happy stitching everybody!

12/09/08: Just noticed today that I wrote year 2009 for the ornament exchange whereas it should be 2008. I know, it's a sign of going old... lol

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Rachel said...

Lovely finishes Lody!