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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snowy White

It has been snowing like crazy in our area last weekend and as of yesterday, we had 5" of snow. DH had to leave an hour early this last 3 nights just so he can make it on time at work. As expected, the roads are sleek... and all we can do is stay home... sighhh!
Good thing we did some "Black Friday" shopping! We did managed to get more stuffs for our niece. I do reallyneed to get my act together and wrap christmas presents as fast as I can.
On the stitching and finishing note, I had to fix some finishing and redo a sewing set. A disappointing thing to do but I can't find any excuse not to do it. I also managed to finish some smalls, i.e. altoids, biscornus, etc.
Our internet connection is acting up (again) lately and even checking the e-groups is a challenge. So if anybody's looking for me, I''m just here... trying to get warm.
Happy stitching everybody!


Biblo said...

Hi Lody, snow is like something fun but always read that is not the case when you have too much of it.

I must have been in my own world too much or has the time past so quickly that it is winter again your side and I wasn't aware of it.

What am I talking about... Christmas is just around the corner!

anne marie said...

I am sorry Lody to have forgotten to wish you an Happy Thanksgiving " but I am very busy at the moment with charities of my town.
I even have no time to read my favourite blogs!