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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Merry Merry Christmas

HO HO HO... A Merry Merry Christmas to everybody!

We're still suffering from terrible weather here but that won't stop us from celebrating and enjoying the holiday. I've been busy since yesterday, particularly on food preparation and last-minute giftwrapping. Thanks to DH for going straight in town after work to get some ingredients, gift cards, etc. I think it's about a week now since the last time I went out as I'd rather stay home, and do stitching when the weather is awful.
Our family gathering will be at SIL's house, at 3:00 PM, with a Christmas food theme of "Appetizer Buffet". I prepared pinwheels (corned beef, shaved ham, and seasoned cajun turkey), lil smokies (bacon-wrapped and pastry-wrapped), beef spring rolls, summer sausage & cheese on sticks, and a relish tray... plus my traditional strawberry shortcake per DH request. Unfortunately, the pastry-wrapped smokies & spring rolls didn't make it to SIL's house as DH dropped the tray... that's another story... LOL Anyway, below are some photos to check out:
Prepared Lil Smokies & Spring Rolls (ready for baking)
Pinwheels (wrapped in aluminum foil ready to be fridge)
Pinwheels, Relish Tray with Chive Veggie Dip, Spring Rolls with Home-cook Escabeche Sauce, and Summer Sausage & Cheese on Sticks plus Manzanilla Olives
We had to call Mom this morning for a favor, to bring one of her pick-up truck over so we can load all our presents and take them to SIL's house. DH doesn't wanna make another trip as all the gifts and food won't fit in our car. But don't worry, we all live very close, not even a half mile from each other. The photo below was taken last week, and obviously, I'm not done wrapping yet at that time.
Christmas Gifts To Family
Looking forward to more yummy food but most of all with spending quality time with our family. Again, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!

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