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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Surprises, Surprises, Surprises

When our postmaster called-up in the morning and asked if me or DH will be home to sign for a package, I was puzzled as all our online purchases were already delivered and we're not expecting a package from anybody. Never did I imagine that a dear friend from Malaysia, Margaret or MW as we call her at NNC, will surprise me with these wonderful gifts... not only one piece but 2 pieces of ornaments and an exquisite beaded fob. MW is like our mother at NNC who's cane is always waiting to straighten up anybody acting naughty... but please don't take my words literally, MW is still so young, just a very disciplined person when it comes to crafting commitments... and the NNC members are of course not naughty.:) Unfortunately, MW doesn't have a blog to journal her accomplishments as she prefer to devote more of her free time on stitching or doing other crafts than blogging. She's a prolific stitcher and wonderful finisher or smalls... and lately, I think she's getting into sewing as well. If only you can see up close and personal my ornaments, you'll realize that she stitched very well and so neatly. This is the first time I recieve one of her lovely works so imagine my smile from ear-to-ear. Words could not express how much I appreciate your generosity Margaret. I am truly blessed I met you in the virtual world we're into and have you as a friend. I can't wait to see you and the rest of NNC group in person. Rest assure that these ornaments will always remind me of your thoughtfulness whenever I hang them on my tree each year. The lovely fob is already attached to one of my fancy scissors collection. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU VERY MUCH MY DEAR MARGARET!

2008 Ornaments (Red Bird Quaker & Santa Noel) and Beaded Fob
Surprise Gifts from Margaret of Malaysia
Another dear friend, Kathy from Canada, whom I envountered at a private e-stitching group sent me a surprise... a card with silk threads in it. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness Kathy. These silks will come handy on my upcoming projects. I will let you know once I use them, and share a photo or two.

Silk Thread from Kathy of Canada
And finally, a dear friend from France, Anne-Marie, whom I also met online surprise me with the latest issue of De Fil En Aiguille (DFEA) Cross Stitch Magazine. Our first encounter was months ago and I instantly became one of her greatest fan as she's an accomplished stitcher and finisher of smalls. One of the recent topic in our emails was cross stitch magazines and she immediately advised me that DFEA is one of the best French magazines. I had been thinking for a long while now to subscribe for a foreign cross stitch magazine and Anne Marie gave me a taste of this wonderful issue. It is really a great magazine full of wonderful projects, particularly needlework smalls. If only I can read and understand French, I'm definitely sure I'll enjoy the articles too. Thank you so much for your overwhelming act of kindness Anne Marie. I enjoyed browsing each page and had been admiring the lovely works of the fabulous designers.
DFEA French Cross Stitch Magazine from Anne Marie
Nothing is better than to have wonderful friends from all over the globe despite the fact that the mere connection is this something we can't live without now... THE INTERNET.
Happy Holidays everybody! I will have a full report of my Christmas preparations soon.

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