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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Christmas Report

We survived the festivity very well, and had fun spending time with family. MIL dropped-by at our house around 2:15PM yesterday to haul our presents to SIL's house. We were the first batch who arrived but the rest came short after. By 3:15PM, we're already eating and enjoying everybody's food contribution. Different kind of appetizers filled us all... soooooo yummmyyyy! We had shrimps, cheese balls with nuts, fish roll (it's one of our dear Aunt's specialty and her recipe was published at a community cookbook), my appetizers, different kind of chicken wings one of which is my favorite tequila & lime flavor, and of course the gathering won't be complete without pies and cakes.
Distributing everybody's gifts to each alloted spot took us more than 30 minutes... LOL Even the men in the family showed their anxiousness to start the gift opening right away. By 6:45PM, we're done opening gifts, then had our desserts... followed by family picture taking. I think we got home almost 8:00PM.
Below are SOME of the gifts I recieved from everybody. DH surprised me with a couple of cross stitch softwares, both professional versions. I had been using the Pattern Maker Pro for so long and is my favorite design software, thanks to DH for giving me this as I can't find my other disc and wants to install it on my notebook.
PC Stitch Pro and Pattern Maker Pro Cross Stitch Softwares from DH... Thanks Honey!
I have a paper cutter for scrapbooking and I've always wanted a bigger one to cut my patterns, and photo studio kit (light box) for close-up & indoor photography of my models so I included them in my christmas wish lists... As you can see, my wishes were granted! Thanks to SIL.:) Sorry for the crappy photo of studio kit, I only snatched it from the seller as mine is not set-up yet. Will share a better picture soon.

15" x 18" Paper Cutter from SIL

Photo Studio Kit (Portable Light Box) from SIL

Gifts were pouring! LOL MIL granted my other wish, a pressure cooker that I wanted for a while now. Thanks MOM! My gifts ranged from kitchen goodies, bathroom necessities, and of course craft stuffs. I got a wonderful cross stitch book by Jan Eaton from Aunt R... beaded red angel, scrapbooking kit with handy tote bag, and a handcrafted necklace from M & V, which I wanna try my hands on soon... sets of sauce pans, skillets, and salad spinner from DH - these are all in my wish lists as well... LOL I think DH bought the salad spinner on the 25th coz he wrapped it himself. I was only asking for a smaller one but he got me a better one... such a good man! Thanks Honey, muahhhhh!

Various Gifts From Family

All of these gifts are something I wanted but doesn't wanna buy myself, if you know what I mean. LOL Thanks to my family for granting them.:)

Me and DH both recieved extra shopping $$$ and gift cards so we decided to go in town this afternoon... but we ended up just getting some Arby's then went home straight back. We didn't even attempted to get inside any mall coz the parking lots are crowded. LOL It looks like everybody's busy shopping today... or as DH said, maybe some people are returning their gifts!

Also, my birthday details were finalized and the gathering will be at our Aunt's house in Marshalltown. Everybody need a rest after the holiday so I chose pizza (from pizza hut for sure... LOL), plus yellow cake with champagne frsoting... yummyyy!

I hope everybody had a great Christmas Day like we did!

NOTE: The 3 preceding posts were backdated as I was terribly busy these last few days but wanted to blog each topic separately.

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