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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Year End Exchange and Some Finishings

I'm so delayed in sharing news lately... I was down and spent most of my days in bed from Thursday (the other week) till Monday last week. It also meant no stitching for me, though my fingers were itching to stitch. So imagine how much time I spent drooling over my stash when I got better... lol Below are just some of my finishes last week. I have a bunch of MailArts (all stitching done) and some sewing sets to finish but I had to put everything down on Friday when I thought of a band sampler stitchers companion. I should be able to complete all the stitching today & hope to finish it this week.
A mixture of November finishings:
biscornus, fobs, sewing sets, and ornament
I also recieved a wonderful package from Radha of Malaysia last weekend. It's our year-end exchange for NNC organized by Usha. She's so generous and spoiled me to death with all her lovely works and extravagant surprises! I still couldn't believe she sent me this much, and I felt guilty right away when I thought of my "recipient partner" Ulla of Sweden. I will have to compile another package for Ulla.:)
I couldn't pick a fave item on Radha's package coz I love them all. The 3 handmade items are:
1. a needleroll stitched in variegated blue... it is a first in my collection!
2. a fob for with floral motif... I got a bunch of scissors that needs it!
3. a knitted scarf in blue... perfect for current Iowa weather as we had our first snow on November 7th already.
As mentioned in her card, she added extra gifts for my family (in-laws). Katie will surely love her new bracelet... she & SIL are on vacation in Disneyworld (Florida) at the moment but will be back this evening. I will give her gift on Thanksgiving. She loves opening gifts so I'll wrapped it to keep the surprise. The beaded necklace is stunning! I will have to wear it either on Thanksgiving or Christmas.:) The other items are yaradages of trims/rick-racks, fabric with beautiful prints (background in the photo), coordinating threads, green beads, blue sequins, a scarf and stand-up 2009 calendar.
Year End Exchange Gifts from Radha of Malaysia
On the family side, I recieved an email from my sister back home that my brother "R1" and his girlfriend (now his wife), who were both working abroad in the last few years, are now in the Philippines and had their civil wedding recently. They're now in the planning stage of their Catholic church wedding. Me and my sister in California are hoping they'll schedule the church wedding early next year so we can (try to) go home. When we went home on 2006 to attend our other "R2" brother's wedding, "R1" didn't able to go home. If everything will materialize, it will be our next family get together where all the siblings are there in the last 10 years or so.
And to everybody, happy stitching!


Lillie said...

Good to hear that you are feeling better. November finishes are lovely as always.

Radha's did so well with her package and very thoughtfull too.

symiote said...

All your finishing are very cute!! Bravo!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog