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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The BUCKET LIST Movie... and my FRIENDS

I've been eyeing the above mentioned movie for a long time and finally watched it today, thanks to hubby for buying the DVD this morning. If you haven't seen it, please DO. It's a must-see movie, whether you have friends or none. I am not ashame to say that I cried a lot while watching it.. lol specially at the ending during Morgan Freeman's funeral where Jack Nicholson delivered his speech.
And speaking of friends, I can't help but wonder about my good friends back home. I have lost contact to some but I'm glad that I got a hold on most of my college buddies, though 95% of our class are living or working abroad... particularly in Dubai, Australia, Bahrain, US, Singapore, etc. As for my buddies from work, I finally for a hold on some (via email) mid this year.
I just told DH recently about "Rose", a former colleague from work, whom I used to hang out with on a "guilt-free" eating time... lol She's the one who encouraged me before to eat at any fancy or eat-all-you-can restaurant at least once a month, it has to be after payday of course. Though we did not able to work together for long as she decided to just work in Baguio City, her hometown. I still think of her once in a while.
One of my bestfriend from college is Jen, who now lives and works in Australia (and still single...:)). I will treasure her friendship forever as she's the most patient friend I got. She's the kind of friend who doesn't have to say anything when you're in your lowest moment yet you'll know she's there and how much she cares. We used to go to church and attend a novena every Friday in Quiapo. For 5 years, on the duration of our engineering course, you'll find us attending a night mass. A true friend indeed... Thank you my dear friend and rest assure you're always in my thoughts!
There's also Ate Flor, a pioneer employee like me on the company I used to work with... She was our accountant. I remember spending time with her when she sends email to her bf (now her husband) in Indiana, USA... those times were in the late 90's (about 1998 and 1999). It has been more than 8 years since the last time we see each other but we do keep in touch either on phone or email. She now has an 8 year old son who's so passionate about "chess". The last time I heard, her son won the junior chess tournament... beating the 11 and 12 years old competitors. Like Jen, Ate Flor is a very kind and patient friend. Another friend that I'm so thankful I have in my life.
I recently got a hold of another wonderful friend, Raquel, a former co-worker who now lives/works in Dubai, but soon to reside in Washington, USA... that's where her Filipino boyfriend lives. I can't wait for her to come here in US so we can start chatting on the phone, but for now, we just settle on emails.:) I have to say that whoever works for over a year with our "very impartient former boss" is considered a very patient person. lol So kuddos to you Raquel, and thanks for being my friend.
I just wanna introduce 5 of my dear good friends on this post so I'll finalize this list with Mary Anne... If you remember in my previous post months ago, I talked about her a lil' bit already. She arrived in San Francisco, California mid this year and finally enjoying life with her Filipino husband.:) Their daughter who was born last year, is my goddaughter. I was surprised when she told me she travelled alone (from Philippines to US) on her own with an infant. Yes, she is a truly determined person... Though she's a chemist by profession, she only used it for a few months then decided to open her own business. She's a great entreprenuer at her young age. She used to own and manage a couple of "Internet Cafe" shops near PUP in Manila. One thing we have in common is: we love to work on our capabilities instead of relying to somebody. Unfortunately, there are some people who prefers to rely to somebody when it comes to $$$, at all cost... and I'm glad Mary Anne shares the same moral values like me.:) I have a lot of fond memories shared with her. I'm glad our path crossed in the pass Mare, otherwise, I'll missthe opportunity of meeting a humble person like you. Thank you for being a good friend thru thick and thin!

On the family side, me, DH and MIL did some shopping in Ames this morning. We got some wonderful gifts for SIL and our dear niece... plus we had to drop by at Hobby Lobby of course while DH spent some time at the moviestore. Btw, that where he bought the Bucket List DVD, along with the latest Indiana Jones which we already watched this afternoon. Me and MIL didn't get much from Hobby Lobby, can you believe that? lol I only bought an antique-style chatelaine pin, perle cottons for my hardanger embroidery and some rosettes (not in photo).
Antique-style Chatelaine Pin & Perle Cottons
from Hobby Lobby
On the stitching note, I already finished the companion I was talking about on my previous list but I'm still undecided if I'll submit it in a magazine therefore the finished photo is still a secret. I am also stitching a couple of personalized altoid tins, which I hope to finish this weekend.
Anne-Marie, my connection still kills me and I've been trying to leave a comment on your blog but I always fail. So, congratulations on your 1,000th post and thank you so much for stitching and sharing the "Christmas Hearts" (my ornament design published at this month's TGOSM).
And to my dear friend Deb, I hope everything will get back to normal from your end, specially your health. I hope all the operations and therapy you gotta have will be a success. I've been trying to leave a comment on your blog as well but I always end up in a "page cannot be found". Thoughts and prayers are on their way for your speedy recovery!
To everybody, I hope you're all having a great day and/or evening! Write later!

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