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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winding Stairs Fiber Arts Festival

I read in the local paper last Sunday an advertisement about the above exhibit. Needless to say, it caught my interest and called the organizer right away... I was even wondering why nobody answered the phone, yes, I forgot it was Sunday... lol Anyway, I finally talked to Suzanne (a fabulous quilter, a designer and owner of a needlework shop) on Monday and advised her about my intention to exhibit my works. Me and hubby went to her shop (KNOTS and BOLTS) yesterday in Traer and I submitted 34 completed pieces - all of them are of course 3-dimensional.

Up to now, it still amaze me when somebody asked "what are these little things? i.e. biscornus, etc. I guess it's because I've been doing them for a long time that I expect everybody know them... lol Anyway, Suzanne told me that she used to do cross stitch till she got interested on quilting. To cut the story short, she's interested to carry/sell my works at her shop! Isn't that wonderful?

I will be at the exhibit on Friday, but not sure if I can go on Saturday though. Some of my patterns will be sold at the exhibit too. This is the first annual Winding Stairs Fiber Arts Festival which is all about fiber arts pieces, i.e. quilt, knit, cross-stitch, tat, crochet, etc. The previous yearly exhibit was called "Stitches in Time" Quilt Show. Handmade handbags will be the featured exhibit at this year's show.

I browsed Suzanne's shop yesterday a lil' bit and here's what I got:
Yummilicious fabrics from Knots and Bolts

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Lillie said...

Congratulations, Lody. The fabrics are lovely.