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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

MailArt from Malaysia

MA Exchange (open theme) from Janet of Malaysia
Organized by Wendy at NNC
I'm doing a happy dance here since yesterday! This exchange is one of my another first... it's my first MA Exchange and it came from a wonderful friend and stitcher, Janet from Malaysia.:) Thank you very much Janet, I love it... and thank you so much for the extra goodies. The fabric she included has an antique effect and I can see myself using it on my model pretty soon.:) The butterflies are so cute, you'll see more of them as props on my models while I'm still undecided what to do with them.:) I'm sure they'll be great adornments!
The design she used is just perfect, and I couldn't think of anything better. I love quaker and she stitched the motifs beautifully. It is not simple Janet, it's stunning and you did a great job! I know it is made from the heart, and the tiny hearts you put in the border made me love it even more. Thank you again!
I checked the Iowa State Fair website yesterday with the hope that I'll gonna find the winners being posted. Unfortunately, only few departments were updated and the "Fabrics and Theads" is not one of them. So I browsed at the corndog chomp photos and wanna share this one here. Look at the crowd, I'm glad me and hubby participated in this record setting history event. More than 10,000 Iowans ate corndog at 8:45AM on August 7th, 2008... now, that's history!

2008 Iowa State Fair Corndog Chomp

Grandstand, Fairgrounds

After picking-up the above parcel at the PO yesterday afternoon, we dropped-by at MIL's house to see how the contractor's doing on the clearing works. MIL's building a new "building" (more of a big shed or warehouse) near her house, and the guys who built our new septic tank last Friday were the ones who's doing the clearing works. They already knocked down a lot of big trees when we got there, and the ground is almost ready for the new shed. I can't wait to see all the works done.

I'm finally back to stitching and been busy doing my models for TGOSM. I have yet some more to stitch and finish but since they're just itty-bitty ones, I'm hoping I can finish everything this weekend. Unfortunately, I can't show any pictures yet, so just keep on coming back to see what the models look like.
And, do you still remember the last fabric stash i blog about last month (I think). Well, here it is, I took a photo of it from the bolt.:) I checked the fabrics on sale again last weekend, and I'm kinda hoping to get a couple more bolts of "Fall / Autumn" theme. The motifs are just so pretty... different color of leaves, various harvest designs, etc. The colors are so wonderful and irrestible!

Bolt of Fabric purchased last month

To everybody who drop by and visit my blog, thank you so much. Don't be shy to leave a comment, be it positive or negative.:) I read them all and gets inspired by them. I'm glad I found this widget where I can see where visitors here are from.

Happy stitching to all!


Irishenchantment said...

love your ma well done to your partner its very pretty :)

anne marie said...

Janet's envelope is very nice.
I don't know that is "corndog"?

Janet C said...

Glad you like the MA.
Love the leaf fabrics.