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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fall and Autumn Fabrics

Yardages of Autumn Fabrics

Look at my new fabric stash, I was just blogging about these fabrics on my last post. Well, while me and hubby were watching TV yesterday afternnon, he asked me if I wanna go in town coz he has to get something for work. So I grabbed the chance to start getting the Fall fabrics I wanna collect. I was undecided at first which is to get first, as I will only get them 2 fabrics at a time(hopefully) . The first top 3 are all 100% cotton with leafy themes, the checkered (orange and white) is a poly-cotton and is on sale so I grabbed a yard of it, same with the geometrical print (dark brown and white , spandex), also on sale. The blue prints at the background was purchased at the same time I purchased the bolt of stripy pastel fabric. I wish I can present a better photo so you can see how pretty these fall fabrics are. I must say though that hubby doesn't like the colors... lol

I've been busy stitching again, and worked on some finishing instructions. I can't guarantee when will I finish all my small stitch pieces waiting to be finish as I'm tied up at the moment with documentation works. We'll be back at the fair on Friday and would be our last visit, hmmmnnnn, we'll probably spend the whole day there as the fair will end on Sunday. I'm glad that I'll gonna have the chance to see the lovely needleworks on display one more time... or probably 2 as I always check them out again before we go home.

Anne Marie, corndog is a hotdog on a stick and is coated with cornbread batter then dipped fried in hot oil. I read that some corndogs are baked, but I haven't tried that kind. They're so yummy with or without mustard, if you haven't tried them yet, you're missing a lot!:) I found these royalty free photos through seearch engine, aren't they lovely? I might eat another one at the fair!

Yummy Corndog Variations

Also, I planned or was supposed to start a private Mail Art exchange last January but didn't materialize due to blah blah blah... hehehe Anyway, I will proceed on the plan and I'm so thankful that Anne-Marie's accepted my proposal. We'll be having our private exchange (an open theme MA plus 2 sewing accessories) on October 2008.
I only started to join a worldwide exchange last year as I wasn't aware in the past that such thing exists. The experience was overwhelming!
1. You must have a stitching blog.
2. At the moment, I prefer to have this exchange from the following countries: Japan, US, France, Europe, UK, and England... or somebody that I don't know yet.:)
3. If you're interested on this one-on-one exchange, leave me a message with your blog link.
4. All exchanges will be Mail Art, unless otherwise noted. Theme will be discussed and agreed by you and me.
5. I will only participate on one exchange per month to have ample time in stitching and finishing works.
6. Remember, this is a private exchange... exclusive to just me and you!:)
Come on, let's get the ball rolling!
Happy stitching to all!

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anne marie said...

Thank you very much for corndogs!
Typically American recipe:o))