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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Coming Soon: Pink Carnations Needles Etui

Pink Carnations Needles Etui
Release Date: Fall 2008

Since I'm in the needles etui topic lately, I thought I'll present this "Pink Carnations" design early. It has been stitched for a while but I'm still undecided on what embellishment to put at the corners. I gotta dig up my stash and check-out my beads or charms.

I didn't able to stitch in the last 2 days... we had to spend the day yesterday at MIL's house as a new septic tank was built in our house. Though I brought some stitching works, I didn't managed to do any as we got a little bit busy at MIL's garden. While hubby worked on MIL's truck, me and MIL digged up potatoes and picked-up some tomatoes. MIL also called our dear aunt (MIL sister) to come over and have lunch with us. By the time our aunt got there (with her yummy baked goodies - nutty brownies and muffins), me and MIL finished cleaning up the potatoes already. I cooked meatballs spaghetti and by 11:45AM, we're already eating our lunch.:) We also had some of MIL's yummy fresh tomatoes. All in all, it was a great day... it's one of those unplanned family gathering that ends up with a good chat.:)

Also, as I was browsing my previous completed projects, I run across this INN medallion that I stitched last February 2008. I remember sending this photo to Heather (owner of INN) on February. I designed this piece as an exclusive freebie for INN visitors, which unfortunately I only managed to email the pattern yesterday. Please be patient and visit INN often!

I-N-N Medallion

Designed, stitched & finished on February 2008

Hope everybody's having a great day!


anne marie said...

very nice colours for the needles Etui!
I've had a look on INN but...where is your work?
I finished the needles book and I'm "on the biscornu" :o)

LODY said...

thanks for dropping by anne marie. it took me a long while before i finally able to email the PDF file to heather... please continue on visiting INN, as i'm not sure when she'll gonna upload it.
you really stitch so fast! i can't wait to see the complete set.:)

Lillie said...

Wow! Lody, they are all fabulous and beautifully finished.
Thank you for visiting me :D
Guessed the fruits are very asian and the smells put some ppl away.

LODY said...

exactly lillie, specially the durians.:) some people from manila gets headache when they smell it. lol i love it though! yummy!

Véronique said...

I love very much your biscornu and the colors are very beautiful.

Lucia said...

Very nice set! I need know how to make for obtain this in INN. I have problems with language, my English is very poor but i´ll like can make this. Kisses.

Lucia said...

Hi Lody
Thanks for uour atencion.
My personal mail is luciavaleton@uol.com.br