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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kreativ Blogger Award... Plus Busy Weeks

... and more busy weeks ahead.
First of, I wanna thank Nik for the tag. I tried not to spend as much time online recently as I've been working on the TCN website. It's coming along fine (I think...lol) and I know I gotta upload the pages I made before the month ends... whether the site is finished or not, I will make it available in the world-wide-web. I will just keep on upgrading it often as the works progresses.

Aside from working on the site, I did a lot of stitching too... though the instructions are not finalized yet. I completed some ornaments, working on a sampler and stitching tray now, and I need to finish a purse. Not much stashing done (as planned) but I bought more fabrics a couple weeks back. I love the prints on the fabric so much that I had to buy the entire bolt... lol but don't worry, there's only more than 10 yards left on it, I think 10.5 yards to be exact. The fabric has multi-color mini-floral designs and stripes, with my fave muted earth colors on it... blue, green, and brown. The content is undetermined but it's a medium weight. I will say it's perfect for tote bags but can be used as lining or backing material for my needlework smalls as well. Photos to follow...

My another roll of skirtex finally arrived and am trying to kit-up some finishing kits for my online retail store. I'll reveal more of it in the next few days (or next week). The site is still under construction as well... lol It seems like I have a lot of "creative writing" works to do, unfortunately, I'm kinda weak on that part so it's a little bit of struggle. I'm sure once my websites are up and running, I'll gonna here a lot of correction issues, which is fine with me as long as visitors will tell me.:)

I also spent some time with Katie last Thursday, it was more of a tiring day. Then yesterday, me and hubby went in Des Moines but we didn't stay long or wonder around the city coz hubby found a little bit of problem on the car.

Nik, again, thanks so much for the tag and for your kind words.:) here are the 5 blogs I nominate:
  • Deb - Lavender Rose, a true creative and crafty lady - be it stitching, jewelry making, or papercrafts - she excels on all. I always enjoy browsing her works.
  • BJ - The Saguine Stitcher, one of the great "needlework smalls" finisher I know.
  • Wendy - I salute her for stitching MP designs, and always complete them despite of having busy schedule.
  • Shanny - A busy mom with a toddler yet she can manage to incorporate crafting in her routine. I love her recent beach photos.
  • Lene - A mom with a full-time job. She always stitches big projects as well. Something that I hope I can do again.
Rules are as follows:
1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees
To my dear wonderful e-stitching and blogger friends, I'm sorry that I'm in the invisible mode lately. I do check your blogs recently and ha da good read, unfortunately, my time is limited that I didn't able to leave comments.
I feel wonderful today despite of being busy. I hope everybody are having a great time.

Happy Stitching to All!

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Charlene said...

Thanks for the honour Lody. :-)