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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July...

... to everybody! How did you celebrate this day?
As for me and hubby, we decided to do some shopping... errr, stashing on my part. Days ago, I've been asking hubby what we'll gonna do today to commemorate the holiday. He always return the question to me, or he'll say whatever I wanna do. So, early this morning, I told him "what if we'll go in Ames?"... that's where our nearest Hobby Lobby is... lol Needless to say, we went in Ames early in the morning, but first, we dropped by at MIL's house to check if she wanna go with us. We tried to call her but no answer, so we assumed she's outside, working in the garden. She's busy mowing and decided to just finish what she's doing instead. We stayed there for a while and chat a little bit before we headed our way to Ames.
Our first destination was Best Buy. I've been thinking of getting a new officejet printer for a long while now and I think Officejet 6310 will be a good choice. Hopefully I can buy one in the next couple of months. I'm currently using hubby's Epson 1280. I was oohh-ing and aahh-ing on the desktops, external drives & some (office) softwares. Those were just some of the stuffs I really wanna get soon. lol We didn't buy anything there but at least we enjoyed browsing the real things... lol
Next, we went at Borders (it's just next to Best Buy). Lots of craft books that I wanna get there but I had to control myself really. lol At the back of my mind I was thinking JoAnne's and Hobby Lobby stashing. I ended up buying "The Encyclopedia of Signs & Symbols". I haven't started reading it yet but I'm sure I will learn a lot from it. Hubby was contemplating on buying some sports magazines but decided not to coz he wanna buy some DVDs.
Finally, we went at Hobby Lobby... actually, me only at first as hubby went straight at the movie store next to it. I like it that way so he won't get bored following me when I browse on stitching stuffs and of course, the clearance isle. I started at the stitching section of course. I got me a lot of threads (of course), a couple packs of Carolina linen from Charles Craft (no store in town has this, not even the LNS in Des Moines), a petite pack of size 28 needle (I haven't tried this needles before), a vintage-look tatting shuttle (which will be use for my models photography) and a set of vintage tool set (needle threader, needlecase, pinkeep, & tape measure). I then browsed the sewing section and I got some lovely trimmings, organza & poly ribbons (my fave was the poly ribbon with little people in red, too bad I only saw 3 rolls as I was hoping I could get 10), floral fabric, tassels and of course buttons... lol who doesn't need lots of them? lol This time, I got a tube of "gold" accented ones. While on my way to the clearance isle (it's at the farthest corner... lol) I had to stp once in a while on other sections... and grabbed some stuffs as well... lol Too many to list so I'll just take a good look at the photos.:)
After the clearance isle, I headed to the jewelry section to get some 4mm ecru pearls for my models. Good thing hubby appeared after grabbing one or only God knows what else I'll gonna put in my basket... lol
My July 4th Hobby Lobby Stash
On our way out, I was thinking that I could have bought the printer and one software that I wanted if I didn't stash in Hobby Lobby. lol But as we got home, I knew I can't live without the stuffs I got today. lol Now I just gotta convince myself to avoid going to any craftstores, specially needlework shops.
With all the stash I got from HL, I decided not to drop by at JoAnn's and the oriental store nearby. It looked like hubby couldn't believe I said no when he asked if we had to drop by there.
Btw, we had to drop by at Hy-vee to get some salads (spring salad & potato salad) and a honeydew for MIL coz she got us a couple bags of "Tequila & Lime" flavored chicken wings (me & hubby both love those... lol) from Sam's club yesterday. And hubby insisted on getting a couple of Big Macs, Cheeseburgers & Sundae. I didn't realized that I was that hungry till I saw the sundae. lol
Well folks, that's what we did today. How about you?


mymarkdesigns said...

Oh my gosh, you guys did a LOT yesterday! I was home, making things for my Etsy shop and mostly trying not to get in the way of the floor installation. Enjoyed neighborhood fireworks and went to bed early :)

Lody said...

Speaking of fireworks, I haven't seen one here!:(
4th of July back home is Fil-Am Friendship Day and it's usually up to the current president if he/she will declare it a non-working holiday.
We have all kinds of fireworks there "only" during Christmas & New Year.:)

Lillie said...

Lovely stash you've got there. Enjoy!

Za said...

Hi Lody! I have a surprise for you at my blog! Check it out!

Miss you at NNC!