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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tag and MailArts

A tag from Monique:

Where I was 10 years ago: I was in the Philippines, working in Makati City. I must say that my work was my life then as I can't afford to lose it. lol I was supporting a younger sister in college who was then taking Accounting then shift to BA in Banking & Finance (and yes, she graduated - I felt like I graduated too when she did... lol). 1998 was one of my luckiest year, workwise, I got my first promotion and had salary increase 2x. I also had my first work-related trip via plane in Davao City (Mindanao, Philippines) though it was just an overnight trip. While there, 2 of our Singaporean staffs who were assigned on the project (Equipment Mechanic & Project Manager) took me out that night and explored Davao City with me... I remember them telling me that they gotta show me my country and had to give me a tour... lol I did really felt then that I was the foreigner coz they're very much familiar with the area.
Five things on my to-do list for today: finish a model for TGOSM, finish another small design for ECSM, reorganize stash, finalize a design for TCN, and cook filipino food... lol
Snack foods I like: fruits, fruits and more fruits... whatever are the
seasonal fruits, I usually have them in my fridge... I now have watermelon, cantaloupe & just finished my strawberries.
If I were a billionaire, I’d: This is my favorite part... lol I've always dreamt of having my own non-profit organization in the Philippines that will help poor students go to college. Education is cheap back there and yet there's still a lot of intelligent people who can't afford it due to poverty. Build a new house where me and hubby lives, and though I dunno how to swim, I would love to have a pool... lol and at the further back of our house I'd love to have a retreat house for stitchers too (hayyyy, I am really dreaming now big now!). I'd love to give all my siblings back home a house of their own too.
Places I’ve lived: Born and raised in Pampanga, Philippines (northern part of Luzon) and lived everyday of my life there till I was 16. I then lived in Singalong, Manila with my aunt & her family while attending college, for about 5 years... but managed to visit my family in the province at least twice a month. In 1997, I went in Taiwan supposedly to work on an electronic company but decided to go home after a week and use my profession. I was lucky to get a job right away and rented a place for me and my siblings in Metro Manila (Sampaloc, Valenzuela, etc.). The last apartment I rented was in Mandaluyong City, lived there for over 5 years, till I came here in Haverhill, Iowa on 2004.
People I want to know more about: Deborah, Lillie, Wendy and all crafter who drop by here

On the stitching side, my MA exchanges were finally recieved by the recipients. I mailed them on June 5th and arrived to Malaysia last friday. YIPPPEEEEE! I designed, stitched and finished both pieces last month, for Margaret and Wendy. I'm so pleased you like them my dears!
MA's for Wendy & Margaret

"M" is for Margaret, MailArt, Mother

Wendy's Checkbook Holder

Margaret wanted a pink theme so I chose pink roses as focal point and her initial. Instead of plain envelope, I thought I'll finish the MA into one of my sewing purse finishing technique. It has an attached needlebook and scissors case, while on the flap are 3 thread rings. It closes with an attached ties. Margaret, I bought shell/pearl thread rings before but couldn't find them when I was finishing your MA. I hope you don't mind the plastic rings.:-s

As for Wendy's, I didn't noticed the theme she wanted till I updated the database that the MA's were already sent. The finishing technique I used for Wendy's is similar to my checkbook holder. The size is perfect for checkbook of course. The design is more of a traditional sampler-style with little ladies (that I hope depicts me and Wendy... lol) a tiny house, band motif, trees and flowers. I also stitched coordinating motifs on the inside pockets. It closes with a button and bow method.

Both MA's were fully lined, unpadded but stiffened with skirtex, 100% hand-finished and stitched on 28 count lavender quaker linen. These pieces were made from the heart for special friends.:)

Be safe everybody!


Charlene said...

Wow ... both MA look so wonderful. Wendy and Margaret sure will be very happy to received it. All your work will make people to dance happily Lody. Well done.

Margaret wong said...

Dearest Lody, it's THE most beautiful MA I've ever received and I shall cherish it. Such a beautiful design and exquisite finishings, I'm so glad I am the lucky receipient! BIG HUGS!!

Janet C said...

More lovely IRL. Envy both Margaret and Wendy.

biblo said...

Lody, you really put a lot of thoughts into the design making the MA. No wonder you are a designer. Like I said, am really awestruck. I love it. BIG, BIG HUGS!!