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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just Blogging

I have a lot of things to report but I dunno where to start... lol
Hubby donated one of our old cars to Kars4Kids.org to free some space in our lawn, plus to be able to help a kid to drive (I hope). The car is quite old but still runs, it's a 1990 Cadillac Deville. We were advised that the org's towing company will be here Friday afternoon. Unfortunately, they didn't make it and came Saturday morning instead. We had to wait for them and missed our chance to see the "Rose Festival" parade in State Center. I'm so excited to see the parade coz hubby said the "Rose Queens" in the last 50 years will participate... festival's golden anniversary. The towing truck came here at about 9:30AM and by the time they got done, it was almost 11AM. There was no way we can still catch the parade so we decided to just do some weeding in the garden... lol
The weather has been soooo good lately.okra last Friday, then hubby replanted cucumbers yesterday. All our cucumbers didn't survive the floods... lol My daredevil peppers are doing good and I saw some green ones already on each plant. We've been picking-up some strawberries in the last few days as well, just 2 or 3 pieces only though. lol At least, some of our strawberries survived the frost. Hubby said we might not get more this year. And today, for the first time this year, we finally started to enjoy mulberries at the back of our house.
Last Thursday, I did a little bit of stashing in town. I run out of DMC 367 so I had to drop by at Ben Franklin, the only place in town where I can get cross-stitch supply... pricy but no choice. I also got some floss winders in there, the plastic ones. I was kinda hoping they have Charles Craft Carolina linen, but none. We went afterwards at Walmart to get some groceries but I had to browse the stuffs at the craft section first of course... lol I got a couple of blue prints cotton and itty-bitty pewter frames (3"x3", 2.5" x 3.5" & 3" dia). I just couldn't resist them all... lol The fabrics are perfect for my "smalls", in fact I already used one of them (the one with white background) as lining fabric on my recently finished projects for another cross stitch magazine.
Pewter Frames & Blue Prints Cotton Fabrics
Early last week, I finally had the guts to submit a proposal to teach hand-finishing (for free) at the 2008 State Fair on August. I don't see much dimensional finishings being displayed during the fair so I thought it would be a great idea to promote needlework smalls finishing. I was contacted by the superintendent of Fabrics & Threads Division 2 days after, and was told that all teaching schedules had been finalized by May1st. On the positive note, she wants to meet me in person so we can discuss my teaching proposal and give me a slot on 2009 State Fair. I of course shared my online gallery of smalls. I'm so excited to meet them during the fair so I can show my works in person. We agreed to meet on the first day of the fair, on August 7th.
I'm sorry that my report is not in order... lol I'm trying to write whatever pop in my head before I forget it again. lol
I finally recieved today "Professional Web Easy 6" software I purchased online. I don't have much time to re-study Macromedia Dreamweaver so I looked for a user-friendly software. I've been busy reading the book since after lunch and hope to get busy using the software by tomorrow.
I have yet a lot of stitching in line but I finally finished 2 sewing sets that I designed for another magazine... hmmnn, and also finished my submissions for TGOSM which I hope I can mail soon. It's a sewing set (for the Designer Profile on August), an itty-bitty ornie for November issue, and a small sampler for I dunno yet what month issue... lol Watch out for all the said pieces in the upcoming issues of TGOSM.:)
Also, I emailed Ms. Christy (assitant editor of Just Cross Stitch) this weekend for info with regards to requirement on how and when to submit a design for the Special Ornaments Issue. Too bad I can not make it this year coz they finalize the list by February...:( Anyways, at least I know now that the design (completed piece or photo) must be submitted or emailed to them by November or December. I will have to keep this in mind from now on... lol Hopefully, one of my ornie designs will make it at the JCS Ornaments Special Issue next year... fingers crossed... lol
I couldn't think of more to say so I better log out for now... :) Will update this post later if I can. Have a great night everybody!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you make it into the ornament issue! And I'm anxiously awaiting your website :)