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Friday, June 6, 2008

Killing Tornado and Damaging Strong Winds in Iowa

Twelve days ago, Parkesburg, Iowa was hit by the highest frequency (EF5) tornado and killed 8 persons, not to mention a lot got hurt.:( The entire town was almost wipe out as over 200 houses were totally lost and over 400 houses were damaged. Establishments in town were gone too, i.e. schools, church, banks, etc.:( My thoughts and prayers to all the victims.
Few days later, more tornadoes hit other towns but thank goodness they're only EF2 and didn't do much damages as in Parkersburg.
This last 2 weeks, mother nature is taking its course badly. It's been raining like hell which caused flooding in a lot of counties of Iowa.
Thank goodness DH was off this last 2 days, as the other night and last night, we had to stay awake all night due to damaging strong winds, that can lead to tornadoes. The storm the other night caused some damages to a lot of farmers in our surrounding towns. After spending few hours clearing our lawn, lots of tree branches everywhere, some shingles from our roof flew off, me and DH surveyed the neighborhood to see how much damage the storm did. We've seen some fences and barns flew in the fields.:( We then headed to MIL's house to check her out. Both our lawns were pretty much the same, lots of scattered limbs on the ground. We could only hope that thunderstorms will stop but it seems like there's a lot more ahead of us.
To everybody who drop by my blog and left comments, thank you so much! I will post more photos of my completed works soon. Happy stitching to all!

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Anonymous said...

We have a "storm nest" in the basement and we can just sleep down there if it's bad... so glad you are OK! This weather has gotten me so jumpy!