Timber Creek Needleworks is a newly opened counted thread company owned by a husband and wife team. Launched on August 2008, TCN specializes in traditional and new techniques 3-dimensional hand-finishings.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Flower Garden Biscornu & Timber Creek Needleworks

Flower Garden Biscornu
from Timber Creek Needleworks
Featured at TGOSM June 2008 Issue
Finally, finally, finally... my first design being publish at TGOSM this month. It is part of a 4- piece (or 5 maybe) sewing set that I designed, stitched and finished a couple months back. Thanks to Kirsten for inviting me to participate in this month's "biscornu bonanza". I will share more juicy news later once everything's confirmed. I'm so excited about this news and will definitely share more of it some time.
I wanna announce as well that TIMBER CREEK NEEDLEWORKS is on the way. I registered my own design company early this year, though I planned to launch my website this coming summer. But since I already purchased last week a web hosting host with domain name http://www.timbercreekneedleworks.com/, I thought it would be great to launch the site July if not sooner. I am now busy working on it (slowly), in-between designing, stitching and finishing.
It's also confirmed that I will be featured at August 2008 issue of TGOSM for the Designer Profile column so please watch for it. I already submitted a couple designs and finishing ideas to choose from to the editor and got a response last night that both designs are acceptable. Therefore both designs will be publish on different issues. yayyyyy... I'm now doing the happy dance. I've also contacted a US magazine (I think April) before and the editor was also interested with my works & wants me to submit some.
I think this is the first time that I mentioned TIMBER CREEK NEEDLEWORKS here so expect to hear more of it in the near future. From now onwards, I will share status of my website and some designs am working on so don't forge to drop by often.:)
Have a great day everybody!


litlaskvis said...

The biscornu is gorgeous! And congratulations on Timber Creek Needleworks! That is so exciting!

tintocktap said...

Yay and well done! I saw the biscorne in TGOS and wondered if it was one of yours. Good luck with Timber Creek Needleworks.

Emily said...

Great news Lody! Congratulations on your PR status! and your New Busines Venture! Wish you all the best in your business venture!

Meari said...

Congratulations on your new venture!