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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Killing Tornado... More Floods

Few days ago, I finally saw a tornado on the ground up close... not that I want and wanted to see one. It landed in the field, in our town area, and thank goodness nobody got hurt. Me and DH watched it moved away so fast...
When I woke up yesterday morning around 5AM, the first thing I saw in the news was a mandatory evacuation at another town in Iowa. The flood is expanding really quick that the authorities had to go door to door to warn the residents and help them move out. It's just so heartbreaking seeing a lot of people losing what they worked for and their precious belongings. A mother of 2 toddlers was interviewed yesterday, saying that she didn't able to carry much aside from few clothings and her kids. Call me dramatic but my heart melts upon seeing her and I cried with her while she's sharing her story.
This morning news was no different. A tornado landed again in Iowa, killing 4 boy scouts (ages 13 to 14) and injuring 40 people. The group was on a drill, camping when the tornado reach the ranch about 6:30PM yesterday. My thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their families.
It rained all night again which means more flooding...
SIL and Katie will go at a big flea market in MO today, I think this afternoon. There must be a real good sale there that they'll gonna drive that far. I hope the weather will cooperate today. I tried to check out my garden early this morning but the area is still swampy so I had to back out. But it looks like my veggies are growing, which is a good thing of course...:)
On the stitching side, I stitched a pocket yesterday and hoping to finish it today. I'm also working on a couple of projects that needs to be in the "mail" by next week. I forgot to mention in my previous post that I already mailed out my MA exchanges for Margaret and Wendy of Malaysia. I will share the photos once they confirm they recieve the items. My next exchange is not until late this year, it's a 3-pc handmade items. My partner is Ulla and she's from Sweden. I'm done with them but I'm not planning to send them early just in case I'l change my mind on what to give her.:) I finished more biscornus and sewing accessories for TCN last week... and still working on the website.
That's all for now folks... have a great day and BE SAFE!

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Anonymous said...

This weather has been so scary, glad you are safe :)