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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Unpredictable Weather...

I always say this to hubby lately. lol It is soooo hot today, not that I am complaining, and now at past 7PM, I hear a lot of thunder. I hope it won't rain too much tonight.

Today was kinda a go-out day for me and hubby. Before he went to bed this morning, he said we'll gonna go at the post office then get groceries. He doesn't wanna go anywhere tomorrow coz we're planning to go on a big yard sale this Friday at the hotel casino where he works. I don't think they had this kind of sale in the past. The hotel was expanded recently, the size now is almost 3x the old one. They improved a lot of amenities, more restaurants, and lots of new rooms of course. They had to change all the furnitures at the old rooms as well. Per hubby, the stock room is full of stuffs so they'll gonna get rid of old stuffs... old but looks like new... lol
Anyways, we went at the post office past noon earlier and a package is on the way in Australia already, for TGOSM. We got a lot of groceries today compare to other weeks, and I also got a bunch of scrap carpet that were packed as car carpet. I'm thinking of using them on smalls but I won't reveal my idea yet. I bought 12 pieces of 12"x18" various kind, colors and thickness.
By the time we're done getting out groceries, it was past 2PM already so we decided to buy some BK burgers... lol that was our lunch.
In the last few days, me and hubby are competing on a handheld game... BOGGLE... where he always play first then I'll play the same game. We then compare our score, at up to 5 games. I beat him in the first 2 games today so he decided to quit... lol he feels that it's not his lucky day. He only composed 79 words on the first game, while I got 114... lol and on the second game, he got 27 while I got 29. Needless to say, I didn't able to practice web easy yet, hopefully can do it later after dinner. lol
While writing this post, am busy cooking chicken adobo and arozcaldo, both filipino food - yummy. We usually eat lunch in town (particularly at my fave Chinese Restaurant - Chef King) on thursdays but since we're not going anywhere tomorrow, I thought I'll treat myself with some of my fave dishes.
Well guys, I gotta cook some rice so I better log out... lol I hope everybody's safe tonight!

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