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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Journey - Revelation Album...

The Journey (Arnel Pineda in center)
... is finally out in the market. The 3-disc album comes with 2 cd's & a live concert DVD, exclusive at Walmart. First CD consists of 11 new songs while the second are re-recorded songs, i.e. open arms, faithfully, etc. Over 100,000 copies sold in the debut week coz it's soooooooo good. CONGRATS JOURNEY!!! Check out journey website for more info.

After knowing that they'll gonna release Revelation album this month, I told hubby we have to add this one in our collection. For all of you fellow Journey fans who don't know yet, the new lead vocals is Arnel Pineda (center in photo), a 41 yo, father of 3, from Philippines. He was discovered by Neal Schon (guitars) singing "Faithfully" at YouTube. Upon seeing Arnel's video performance, and hearing his voice of course, they immediately contacted Arnel and asked him to audition here in US. Needless to say, they're all impressed with his voice, as what hubby said "It's the closest voice to Steve Perry's (orig Journey lead vocals) compare to other previous vocalists." I've been teasing hubby if he wants to watch their concert with me in the Philippines, in case they'll gonna tour there... lol

We had a great weather this weekend so me and hubby spent more time outside. We grilled burgers and chicken on Friday after getting some groceries, went to some yard sales, and he mowed the lawn on Friday too. I didn't get much on the sale but I bought a jar of old buttons... lol yes more buttons. I segregated them right away on Friday and picked my faves, all the simple plastic ones were returned at the jar.:) The 6 pieces infront are my favorites, too bad the details don't show very well in the photo. DH got an old wooden box with handcurving works on top. It was beautifully finish, and would look even neater if I'll put lining on the inside, which I suggested to DH. Now I need to squeeze that work in my schdule.:)
Buttons, buttons and more buttons

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Barbara said...

Thank you Lody for introducing Arnel Pineda. His got really good vocals. It's no surprise since musicians from the Philipines are very talented. There is a girl at the age of 15 which has a powerful voice too. Her name is Charice Pempengco!