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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Pocketbook Finish

English Sampler Pocketbook by Kirsten Edwards
Pattern from TGOSM January 2008 Issue
I stitched this piece on and off for almost 2 days last week but didn't able to finish it till yesterday as I prioritized Lynne's "4 smalls". Those smalls are now finally on their way to Kirsten in Australia as they will be featured at TGOSM, what month - I don't know.:) I will share the photos later on, but at the moment they have to remain a secret until they get publish... :)

As I was gathering the materials for this pocketbook, I was thinking that maybe I could finish it in one sitting... lol but the satin stitches took lots of my time. BTW, I used DMC floss instead of the suggested RajMahal silks, and of course my own finishing idea as well. I stitched it on a 28 count tea irish linen from Charles Craft, used skirtex as stiffener and the lining is ecru shantung satin (kinda shiny). It closes with a gold-tone button and a beaded pink satin ribbon.
I started a tea box topper (design from Cross-Eyed Cricket) last night and am hoping to finish it today, but we'll see... lol I'm still not done on the ornament am commited to do, so I better go back to stitching now, right?:)
Happy stitching to all!


biblo said...

So, this is what you have been busy with the passed 2 days. LOL!! You're really a fast stitcher. If its me, it will probably take me a while to stitch and another longer while to finish it up to a pocketbook.....

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Wow, Lody, two days to stitch and finish??? I am lost in the race, for sure! I love your stitching so much!