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Friday, March 7, 2008

Random Facts... And More Stash

Hobby Lobby Stash: Beads, Jewelry Findings, and a Wooden Box
Fabrics, Aleene's Tacky Spray, and a Mini-Folder Maker
I should have shared this post yesterday but got a little sick "during" my stashing at Hobby Lobby. I think it's caused both by excitement and bad weather. The last time I did stashing in Ames was after christmas, to spend the gift cards me and MIL recieved as gifts, so I'm sure you can imagine how much I need to go back in there... lol
Anyway, here's how my stashing activities went by: DH had to sleep for a few hours before we left, at noontime. We had lunch first at my fave Chinese Restaurant in Ames then headed our way to the Quilting Connection to purchase a cutting/mat board for MIL as part of her birthday gifts, which we celebrated yesterday (she was 73rd last thursday). I didn't buy anything for me there as I was saving my money at the clearance items at JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby... lol (ME <--- bargain grabber, most of the time). Whenever me and DH go to Hobby Lobby (HL), we usually part ways once we step out of the car as next to HL is a video store - that's where DH spend his time. After an hour at HL, my head started to feel heavy - good thing it's not the dizzy kind of thing. I still managed to finish scouring the clearance section though - and got a bunch of beads and jewelry findings, plus few yardages of fabrics (the red one has alphabet in it, perfect for my sampler pockets/purses), spray glue (this is the first time I'll gonna use it), a wooden box (will finish it as a tea or candle box with cross stitch on top of it of course), and a Mini-Folder Maker (perfect for making tags as well). I was almost ready to check-out when DH appeared behind my back... he got some movies and books for the birthday celebrants (MIL this month and Katie next month). Once we put our stuffs at the car, DH asked me if I still want to go at JoAnn's and at the Oriental Store. I decided to just go home so I could lay down and rest. I didn't realize that my headache will escalade as I didn't took any medication in the evening... but had Daytime NyQuil this morning and by noontime, I felt a lot better already.
Poor DH had to go in town this morning by himself to get some groceries and more meds for me. With that being said, I didn't do any stitching and finishing yesterday and today. However, I made 5 bracelets for MIL and me this afternoon.
Beaded bracelets for MIL (top 3) & me (bottom 2)
Now for the Random Facts: A very dear friend, Deborah, tagged me with this 7 Random Facts... I will leave comments on your blog to let you know that you've been tagged.

The Rules:
1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the Rules on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.
Seven Random Facts About Me:
1. I never had short hair since 1st grade. Most of the time, I keep it butt length and just have it trim once a year... every spring here in US (or summertime in the Philippines).
2. I get skin allergies when I take alcoholic drinks. My skin gets itchy and turns red from face to toe. It usually takes a couple of days before things get back to normal.
3. I love to sleep with flannel PJ's, particularly hubby's old ones (bottom only, old shirts on top... lol).
4. Math has always been my favorite subject... It played a major role why I took engineering degree.
5. I am a risk-taker... that's one of the reason why I'm not living in my homeland. Also, when my college buddies organized a mountain hiking on one semestral break, (being afraid of heights) I joined the group just to experience what's the risk involved. It was a fun experienced though every step was nerve-rocking.
6. I am a very ticklish person. We have a saying back home that once you get married, you won't be ticklish anymore but it never works for me.
7. From this year onwards, I want to accomplish or do something I haven't done before.
I tag the following: Nik , BarbaraJ , Katrina , Faizon , Emily , Monique and Lillie
Hugs to everybody!


Lillie said...

Lots of great stashing there! Hoped you are feeling better and a Happy Belated birthday to your MIL.
Thanks for the tag....well, lets see what I can dug out!! LOL :D

ShannyK-L said...

Like WOW!! ;) but then again a crafter/stitcher never have enough stash right? hehehehehe...

You're like my hubs, he'll go RED all over with alcohol and it itches... :) even with X'mas fruit cake!

Lody said...

thanks lillie... i've been telling my fmaily here about the great stitchers i meet online and they're like oh's and ah's.:)

yes shanny, stashing is like stitching eh!... lol i'm like my father, but he's worst... he can't even stand the smell of beer or any alcoholic drinks and he'll turn red right away even by just seating close to it... weird ha!

looking forward to random facts about yourselves guys:)