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Sunday, March 16, 2008

No Stitching...

I've been busy in the last 3 days taking care of my niece while her mom (SIL) is away. MIL spend the night times with her while I'm in-charge on the daytime. I didn't do any stitching as well, though my needles and linens are calling me out when I get home. I always end-up watching TV/movies with DH as this last 3 days were his day-offs.
CEC's Tea box topper
On the positive note, I finished stitching my Vickie Hasting's tea box topper on Wednesday afternoon, but still unmounted. I used 28 count antique white linen plus and DMC threads. My box is still unfinished/unpainted and I'm torn if I'll gonna paint it white or just merely stained or finished it with golden oak, only both are what I have at the moment. On the other hand, I also wanna give the box a primitive look so now am thinking of coating it with 2 colors of paint... green and white then will sand it after the second color. It sounds like a lot of work to me, so we'll see... lol
Picture below are some of my recent stash from MIL... vintage magazines (needlepoint news from the 80's), cross stitch patterns (mostly berries theme) and some small wooden frames, wooden rings, some kits, etc.
Vintage mags and patterns


Charlene said...

Lody, Vickie Hasting's tea box topper is beautiful. Congrats.

Lillie said...

The tea topper is so pretty, Lody.
You are so lucky to have acquired the stash..I would be in heaven.
Have a good weekend