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Friday, March 21, 2008

Goodbye Winter... Hello Spring...

Finally, winter is over... though we'll gonna have another snow fall tonight, I still feel good knowing we won't dread for ice storm in the months ahead. This is the worst winter ever since my arrival here in US but fortunately we never lose our electricity, some towns did. Unlike winter last year (February 2007), we lost our power for 7 days as most of the electrical posts in our street exploded due to terrible ice storm. The cut wirings were all over the roads and ditches. It was a horrible big mess... We had no choice then but to stay at the hotel so hubby will make it to work, plus the fact that we can't bear the cold at home. We rely on electrical heater, too bad we don't have a fireplace... but then majority of people here doesn't have one anyway.
I was stitching up a storm again in the last 5 days. In reference to my previous post, I didn't able to stitching on the 13th to 15th... But boy, since Monday my hands worked non-stop. lol I was in the mood so much that when hubby told me on Wednesday evening that we'll gonna go in town early morning on Thursday once he gets home from work, I asked him if he can go straight in the supermarket instead... lol He knew I had so much works to do.... errrr stitching to do.
Below are my finished and unfinished works this week. For individual photos of my recent finishings, check out my March 2008 album. Whenever I get the chance to rest from stitching my model pieces, I browse my patterns/stash and pick a quick to stitch project. Majority were stitched on 28 count linen aside from No. 2 and Quaker Legacy which were both stitched on 18 count fiddler's and aida. Here's what I came up with:
1. Needlebook & Fob Set from Indigo Rose's Forget Me Knots - they're the ones with lavender color in the photo.
2. Tin Box Topper & Fob Set from Midnight Stitching's Qualer Floral - motif on the tin topper was extracted from the center part of the design... while for the fob were my imagination.
3. Tin Box Topper & Fob Set from Ackworth Pattern Book - I modified the design & border so it will fit on my tin box. The matching fob motif was also from my imagination.
4. Sewing Purse, Altoid Tin and Fob Set from Permin's Museum Celle 1826 Sampler - all motifs used from this set were extracted from the said sampler. I was about to start the SAL but I couldn't resist not to finish the set. I used the recommended floss for this set. The sewing purse has thread rings on the inside flap, plus of course it's fully lined.
5. Unfinished works are The Cat's Whiskers' Feed My Soul and Legacy Designs' Quaker Legacy- I got a little bit bored after stitching the second part of Feed My Soul, so I had to stop before I make mistakes... it happens to me on repetitive designs. I will use my own finishing for this piece. And will definitely make it a set. As for the Quaker Legacy, I intend to mount it onto another tin box but as I look at it now, I'm thinking of finishing it as a stitcher's neck pocket or bounded needlebook instead. Too much ideas going on in my head at the moment, so just wait and see when posted the finished product.:) I changed some of the recommended floss colors on both designs.

Various small finishings from March 17 to 21

UFO from March 17 to 21

Aside from the smalls above, I've been busy designing and stitching my own pieces, and hoping against hope that "Timber Creek Needleworks" will be launched this coming summer or sooner. Maybe somebody out there can teach how not to be destructed by stitching other's designs... lol I just couldn't help myself not to browse my stash and before I knew it, I'm already stitching it up up up up and awayyyyyyyyy... But of course, I always get the satisfaction when I see the finished product.

Happy spring everybody!!!


Barbara said...

Happy Easter to you Lody! Great finishes as always :) Hope all works out well in the personal front. May you take comfort in your needle and your floss.

Meari said...

Your projects turned out nice. Hopefully, your personal problems will be resolved soon. I hope Spring is on the horizon. This has been the worst winter, ever!

Lillie said...

Everything so beautiful Lody. Loved your finishing. As long as DH is standing by his woman, you are blessed. Take care, have a good weekend :D