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Monday, January 28, 2008

2007 State Fair Entries

It's high time to share my 2007 State Fair cross stitch entries otherwise they'll be totally forgotten. My initial plan was to submit 20 entries on various categories but I chicken out weeks before the deadline submission. I finished more than 10 categories for the supposed to be 20 but I decided later on just to submit 4, as the rest didn't pass my own critique:-(. It was my first time to join a cross stitch competition so I made sure the jurors won't find too much errors on my works. My intention for submitting entries was to see at least one of my works to be displayed at Fabric and Threads Building at the Fairgrounds. I didn't attend the judging day (optional), which was the day before the first day of fair, as it never cross my mind I'll gonna win. So imagine my surprise while browsing the displayed pieces and found all my 4 entries with ribbons on them... yay! oh what a happy feeling that keeps me smiling up to now. (It got me to thinking then, what if I submitted my other finished pieces.... ). The categories are as follows:

1. Ornaments (3-pc set) - I got the First Prize or Blue Ribbon on this category, with jurors comments as "excellent stitching, excellent and neat finishings". The designs I used are: The Joy of My Heart by Lorri Birmingham which I used as a pocket ornament. It was fully lined, bottom part was adorned with beaded trim, and the handle is a gold-tone chain. The other design was Royal Blossoms by Just Nan that I finished into my regular mounted ornament, however, I trimmed it all around with white fuzzy & sparkly trim. I then finished it off with a green lace adorned with white pearls. The last one was one of my mini designs that I finished into a biscornu ornament. The hanger is made of Mill Hill glass beads. The front part has 2007 on it, while at the back is IOWA! And of course, all were 100% handmade.

2. Pillow Category - This piece recieved a 2nd place or Red Ribbon. I'm sure some of you remember or know the design, it's Breast Cancer Ribbon Mandala of Ink Circles. I stitched the front piece on a 32 ct off-white linen while the back on a 32 ct plae blue linen. I was lucky enough to find a breast cancer pin on my stash so I attached it in the center. The jurors comments were "excellent stitching and finishing, but it needs for stuffing to prevent dog ears." And yes, I agree with them...

3. Framed Picture (30" +) - A 3rd place for my La Pieta of MichaelAngelo (top photo). I remember stitching this piece for about 3 weeks. But it sure worth all the time I devoted on it. The juror said the frame is too ornate for the design. I should have used a simpler frame.

4. Bellpull Category - This piece won an honorable mention (2nd top photo). The design was from SANQ, and as a rebel stitcher, I had to revised a lot of things to fit it into my linen. I omitted the verse as well. At first, I stitched my name but DH suggested IOWA instead. This was a last minute decision project, as I only stitched it 2 days before the submission deadline. So imagine how grumpy I was during that time... lol DH couldn't disturb me at all... I had to improvised a hanger too, good thing I got some wooden supplies. The jurors commented that the beads at the bottom are too much... (or something like that).:) I did enjoy stitching this piece and it will be treasured for a long time.
For stitchers out there who haven't tried submitting entries at the fair, or any related stitching contest, why not give it a try? :)


biblo said...

Congratulations on all your ribbions!!! Great job. You must be a very fast stitcher to finish the bell pull in 2 days?


Lody said...

thanks for dropping by wendy my dear!
me first? hmmmnn, i love to think i am.. but am sure somebody out there stitch and finish faster than i do...:)