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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My January 2008 Treasures

It was exactly one week today when I found a package in our mailbox from Australia. I knew it was from Kirsten (of TGOSM) as she told me about it... what I didn't know was the content of the package so imagine my surprise when I found all the wonderful stash in there. I felt like it was christmas day again when opening the envelope!!! She even managed to wrap everything first in a girly pink gift wrapper. It was filled with 3 big cuts of dyed linen, various brand of silk threads, yummy glass beads, perle cotton threads, a stack of fabric squares from moda (5" x 48pcs, perfect for my smalls), and a subscription card. I'm so lucky, I know...:) I wanna thank you so much for your generosity Kirsten. And as what I told you in my email, those linens will be used for some special 16th and 17th century inspired projects.

I have been busy in the last few days uploading some of my 2005 to 2007 completed projects at webshots so I don't have to post them here. However, from this month onwards, I'll do my best to share each present project I finish. I had been busy with redworks, medallions and various quakers this month... and I can still see myself making more of them next week. I fell in love with the Token of Love Knitting Pinkeeps of Erica Uten & Jacqueline Holdsworth of Needleprint, and I knew I gotta adopt them into my cross stitch smalls. I end up finishing about 12 medallions (out of 24) I think, and made them into an evening clutch (which can be used as a sewing wallet or checkbook case as well), stitcher's wallet, biscornu, and pop-up needlekeeps with attached pinkeeps. And of course, I can't resist not to extract some motifs from AMAP's samplers and finished them into checkbook cases, scissors cases/sheaths, mini-biscornu fobs, and regular size biscornu. The last photo was my first attempt to finish a hambug sewing accessory set, using a combination of Brenda Keyes and Barrett House Designs. Theyturn out cute so you'll see more of them in the near future, using my own designs. I didn't meet my target of finishing at least one piece a day this month, but I think my accomplishment is close to it. Including my own designs, I'll say I finished about 25 pieces.
Here are some photos that I hope you'll enjoy to look at. Should you have any queries about my works (good or bad), why not drop me a line or 2? I would love to hear from you.


Janet C said...

Hi Lody,
Congrats. You have started your blog at last. That's a fabulous stash you received. Hope to see your creation from them.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Darling stitchery, Lody! I love seeing what you're up to! Hugs, Deb