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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weaved Bracelets And Wired Necklace

I know, I know, I should be posting more stitchy stuffs!
I also finished all these jewelries this month, and are meant to be surprise gifts... but had to reveal due to a great circumstance.
These bracelets are for my dear friend in Florida, Anne, and her daughter, Kei. Anne sent me a fabulous package which I recieved on my birthday so I thought I'll make something for her and Kei. They're made of seed beads, garnet ships, freshwater pearls, MOP chunks and Silver tags. Both closes with toggles clasps.

The off-white bracelet is a birthday gift for my great-aunt in Michigan. Also made similar to the above ones, spiral weaving... made of freshwater pearls, MOP chunks, silver tags, seed and E beads. The blue-purple bracelet is has 2 beaded beads (tubular peyote), polished stones, and crystals. Another combo of simple weaving and stringing techniques.

And lastly, a linked necklace that I really enjoyed creating... my second piece with this technique. I'll post the first one when I find the photo (it was made of various glass beads). Most of the MOP chunks are from Anne, while the heart donut pendant & the freshwater pearl at the center hole is from my own stash. Still contemplating if I'll give this as a gift as well to match the bracelet above. I'm not doing really good with my stitching lately so I had to boost my ego with jewlery pieces... just so I can say I finished something. LOL

I've had really good mail days this month so I thought I better devote a post for them... something I can look back in time. Hope everybody had a great Sunday! To those in the winter dillema like me, keep warm!

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