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Monday, January 25, 2010

Good Craft Mail Days

It's always a treat for me to receive crafts stuffs in the mail... be it expected or unexpected. I'm sure you know what I mean!
I finally recieved my first issue of B&B for 2010 (MIL's gift subscription). I'm still waiting for my Bead Style copy though... hope it'll arrive soon. I also got few beading books online: Beadworks by Rollason, Bead Accessories by Sawabanori, and Beads by Paolo Bottoni. The last 2 being published in Japan. I enjoyed reading and browsing all of them... on the sad note, I didn't go ga-ga with SANQ's recent issue. I guess coz I was overwhelmed with bead stuffs when I got it.

What you see on the photo below is just a tip of the iceberg. It's a large box full of jewelry supplies from a dear friend in Florida, Anne. She also does fashion jewelries but has been terribly busy that she decided to destash and send me some of her supplies. The package arrived at a perfect time - on my birthday! And since we celebrated my birthday 2 days earlier, I was sure excited to open something on that day... a gift more than I expected! Thanks so much for the supplies Sis (me and Anne call each other Sis as our friendship started online over a decade ago back home). I hope you feel how thankul I am... you definitely put a big smile on my face.

And speaking of surprises... it was indeed a treat to find DMC's new 2010 products in our mailbox 2 weeks ago as I didn't sign-up in their Designer Program. But then when I received my copy of Needlework Retailer last week, I found out that DMC will take over the Charles Crafts fabrics... now that makes sense coz I'm at Charles Crafts' Designer Program. Anyway, DMC sent me complete sets of satin threads (24 new colors) and color infusions memory thread (17 colors). I have to admit I didn't realize til then that they carry memory threads... that works like magic. LOL I had to use one right away, in my couching works. Thank you DMC! I look forward to working with you... and to Charles Crafts (specially to MaryBeth), thanks so much for the opportunity to use your products and deal with you.

And lastly, I received these buttons from another dear friend, Cheryl, a while back. She knows how I love buttons! Upon opening the package, I had to pick some faves right away to use as cabs and locks on my next jewelry pieces. The purples reminds me of my newest SIL back home as it's her fave color, so I'm planning to make a set of jewelries for her... The green ones are perfect for my next spring theme pieces with button & loop closure. The big ones are just perfect as focal points or cabs for my encrusted pendants. Thanks so much for your generosity Cheryl!

Weatherwise, we're having terrible snowdrifts again that compelled DH to stay at the hotel today. The roads are extremely bad and dangerous. I'm guessing that our plower won't pass by till mid-afternoon... only then our roads will be accessible - and that's Iowa life! LOL I can see myself stitching and finishing today while watching my fave movies, and probably work a lil' bit on my site.
Have a great stitching day everyone... keep warm!

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Lillie said...

Great stashing and the bracelets are fabulous!!