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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The GOOD: As always, DH came home last Monday with this bundle for our you know what... the day we exchanged "I do's". It seems like those moments were just yesterday.
I just can't imagine my life if I had never met you,
fallen in love, and been smart enough to know you were the one...
I could never do without the big and little things you do daily
to delight me, surprise me, and make me happy.

Give me forever, and I still couldn't find the words
to tell you all the ways you make my life complete...

But there's one thing I can do and do very well...
and that's love you with all my heart.
~from DH (minus some parts... LOL)~

Our happiness together
and our love for one another,
gives today special meaning.
I'm so happy to be sharing my life with you.
~for DH (I design/print my card for him)~
Happy Anniversary Honey!
The BAD: I lost count how many times we lost the electricity today... around 10 times, or more. But I was sure glad the longest was only an hour, while the rest were just few minutes. Due to severe road conditions, DH had to check-in at the hotel where he worked to be safe... and so he can make it to his last work day this week.
The GOOD: Though the ice storm today made our winter days even colder, I love the fact that these trees gave me some inspiration earlier. Will work on an ICE STORM jewelry set in the near future.
The GOOD: Sipping this mocca frap while updating my blog, PRICELESS!

Stay warm everybody!

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