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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Star Pincushion - Made Of 15 Blocks

Fabric: 28 count Tea Monaco Evenweave from Charles Craft
Threads: Dinky Dyes Silks and DMC Perle Cotton
Beads: Mill Hill Seed Beads
While I was in the Philippines, I stitched few pincushions and purses, but I only managed to finished the above... which unfortunately I had to re-finish here in US. Why you might ask? 'Coz I couldn't find the right filling materials there. I used (facial cleansing) cotton as stuffing for the above but the result is not pleasant so I stopped finishing the other pincushions.
I've been recieving good news since I got back but won't share them yet till everything is confirm and finalize... all needlework related fo course! I'm extremely excited!!!
From my busy stiching fingers to yours, have a great day!
Note to Dane:
Dane, the previous stuffing was cotton balls but now I re-stuffed it with premium fibre-fill. Only 5-blocks on top have stitching as I was too anxious to see the completed piece then... but will work on a piece with 15-blocks stitched. - Lody

1 comment:

Dane said...

Wow! How cute is that?!?!?!
Did you stitch the same motif 15 times? That would have driven me nuts! Congrats for a great finish!
What filling material did you finally use?
Can´t wait to hear your news!