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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our Friendly Animals Back Home

Here's a typical view of our kitties when I wake up early in the morning. I would normally see them like in the first 2 photos. But at times, some manage to sneak inside the house and they end up like in photo 3. The last photo is my fave.
The last time I went home on 2006, we only have one kitty that's why I was so surprised when I saw 4 wondering around in our kitchen this year... and at times, even our neighbor's cat stay at our house (which happen to be a sibling of our cats). I can't remember our house not having an outside dog or cat since I was a kid... we always have or raise different animals, either at our house or at the farm. Currently, my father has a bunch of ducks (about 30) in the farm, chickens/roosters, one puppy (few weeks old which we call Brownie), one dog (Whity), and the kitties. Since the cats multiply regularly, we don't bother to give them individual names... we all call them "Muning" which is the lingo term for cat in our dialect.
DH laughed when I told him the story behind our doggies names... If it's white, we always call it Whity... if it's brown, Brownie... if it's black, Blacky... if it has spots, we call it Spot. LOL While MIL always use the same whenever she gets a new dog. She only get a new dog when the old one die or get lost.
How about you, what kind of furry friends do you have?

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