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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas And Crafts

This post has been long overdue so be warned - it's a long post!

Part of our christmas gifts for MIL and Aunt R are books so I made coordinating bookmarks for them, finished them on the 24th. DH was the one who picked all the books and though I'm not a novels enthusiast (used to be back in college), these 2 books caught my attention: The Memory Quilt and A Thread of Hope. I kinda gave MIL and Aunt R that I'm interested to read these books when they're done. LOL

I waited till 24th to finish wrapping gifts coz we're expecting more DVDs in the mail. Unfortunately, they didn't made it in time for christmas. Most of the DVDs below are in the christmas gift lists of my dear in-laws. Did I mentioned before that months before christmas, we exchange lists of what we want to recieve for christmas? I think I did! LOL Anyway, these DVDs are the last gifts I wrapped.

We finished off our gift shopping with a bunch of giftcards... yeah, they're on the list too! Ranges from $25 to $100. I love recieving GC as well, specially from my fave craftstores. They're great for after christmas sale as discounts are hugeeeeeeee! And of course, I recieved some GC as gifts myself. Here I come Hobby Lobby! LOLHere are the gifts, all wrapped up before me and DH hauled them to SIL's house on christmas morning - where we had our gathering. We had a brunch instead of the usual lunch in the past years. I made bacon-wrapped lil' smokies and apple pie. The gathering is a potluck-style so we had a bunch of food.
These beads were from DH and in-laws. Mom got me Bead & Button mag (sub to follow) and Cube Bead Stitching book... plus other stuffs. DH surprised me with a box full of beads (mostly seed and E beads) and other beading supplies. He knew I need to expand my beading stash so he went to Hobby Lobby while I was back home and got me a bunch of supplies. I actually opened the box 2 days before christmas coz I've been bugging him. LOL Talking about excitement ha! He also included bead organizers, and they're already filled. I had been busy reorganizing my craft stash again since before christmas as it's getting hard to find things I'm looking for. SIL also gave me about 10 packs of seed beads (4 oz bags) plus a big organizer. My in-laws really know how to pamper me with craft supplies. LOL SIL gave me, MIL & Aunt R Lion King tickets which we will all use on January 23rd. We'll gonna have a girls day out on that day coz she also got a ticket for Katie and her. This will be the first time I'll see the show but I know it's really good. SIL and Katie watched it whenever the show is available in Des Moines, IA. This might be the 5th time Katie will see it, yet she's always excited. She loves musical shows and always go on some every year.
The first time I saw this bowmaker, I knew right away I had to have one. So I grabbed one this month and told DH to include it in my christmas or birthday gifts. LOL Needless to say, I had to doodle over it, before wrapping it. I'll just act surprise when I opened it this weekend for everybody to see. LOL SShhhsss, just kiddin'.

Look familiar - our driveway! I took the same photo last year... this one was taken yesterday morning as we had snowstorm the other night. DH didn't make it home due to bad road condition. He had to stay at the hotel where he works.
And what could be better during those snow cold days but yummy soup! DH went home few days before christmas with a whole big ham, he said he won it at work. So I immediately cut one fourth of it into cubes and made my own version of Bean and Ham Soup - with celery, carrots, laurel leaves, sweet basil, etc. It was soooooo yummy that I'll gonna make again this week.
I've been in the beadland since christmastime and stitching had to take a back seat. I've been busy beading away... mostly strining and beadweaving! In the last few days, I made more than 10 pairs of simple earrings, which I haven't took a picture yet. Moreso, I made a whole bunch of beaded stitching/sewing accessories like stitch markers, counters, etc. I think I have over 50 packs made already. I also enjoyed making the cases, using scrapbook cardstocks, hence the bright colors... and felt to hold the pins. It closes very well and ready for gift-giving to fellow stitchers. I will list most of them at my store.
And lastly, I'm glad that my partner for the TGOSM Ornament Exchange recieved her package before christmas. She sent me an email on the weekend before christmas that she didn't get them yet despite the fact I mailed it on December 8th. So I told her I'll stitch another one if she won't get them in 2 days, though I stitched a repalcement immeditely for the just in case scenario... and voila, the package arrived on the 22nd. BTW, I restitched another pagoda and will just give it as gift to my great aunt.

Well everybody, I think I've said to much so I better quit. From our house to yours, we wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Rachel said...

What a wonderful stash of beads Lody! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Janet C said...

Glad to know you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Lody.
Envy you for getting the beads and look forward to see some of your creations. I'm going ga-ga over beads too - re-learn how to crochet bead bracelets and necklace...more to learn.

Lillie said...

Wow! lots of giving there and wonderful stash you received.

Happy Belated Birthday to you too.

Maroussia said...

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